South Carolina Hero Mom Bethany Hastings Fought With Pitbull To Save Her Children Video Viral On Twitter!

We have a really inspiring story of a mom who saved her children while having fire ants bite and the video is now available on the internet. Bethany Hastings is the mother currently living in South Carolina. Everything was going really smoothly for her during the week and then suddenly she had to face a really dangerous situation where a dog was attacking her children in a wave of anger and unfortunately she was being bitten by ants but she being a responsible mother saved her 2-year-old and they both were immediately taken to the nearest hospital and the baby girl also suffered some serious injuries and wounds. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Bethany Hastings?

Who Is Bethany Hastings?

We would like to say that she is a hero 4S. The Accident happened on 26th April in her town and she was really concerned about the health of her children and she did everything she could for their safety. she was driving a golf cart back to our home and the family arrived at a woman’s house and they were going to enter the theatre as the front door was an already opened. But suddenly a dog came out and violently started attacking them

Bethany Hastings Fought With Pitbull To Save Her Children Video

And he started his attack on the two children. He quickly attacked the son first and the incident was looking really serious and the boy was in a really critical situation. The daughter also started screaming and asking for help and the mother was trying to fight the dog she was a success in saving the lives of the children but she was being beaten by some fire ants and the pain could be seen on her face clearly.

Bethany Hastings: Wikipedia & Biography

It was an act of courage and bravery and anyone could have panicked in that situation. She pulled the dog away from them and see through the water and she had a lot of injuries immediately the emergency services were called and they arrived on time luckily and they were admitted to the nearest hospital. Go fund page was also initiated. You can donate some money and help them with the medical bills and it is a really great cause. We will be back with some mood-breaking stories and news.

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