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Tanya, Daniel Snyder send long message to organization amid investigation drama

The investigations against the Washington Commanders are heating up as Rodger Goodell attended his hearing on Wednesday. Considering there are serious allegations against Daniel Snyder, you would think he’d be in attendance to attempt to clear the air. Instead, he and his wife, Tanya Snyder, submitted the longest message of all time amid the investigation hearings.

Adam Schefter shares the entire eight-page message Tanya and Dan Snyder shared. Feel free to break out the magnifying glass and skim through the lengthy letter. The contents essentially go over all of the “progress” the Commanders have made in the last two years in an attempt to fix the workplace misconducts the organization is being accused of.

All of that is nice and dandy, but Snyder must still be held accountable for his actions made in the past. It’s hard to ignore the multiple allegations against him and his decision to be in France instead of his hearing is extremely telling. This is not a great look for Dan Snyder or the Commanders franchise, as the owners would rather focus on the last two years of “change” instead of the 20+ years of mistreatment within the organization.

Maybe Snyder will eventually attend a hearing, as the Oversight Committee has issued a subpoena for the Commanders’ owner. We’ll see how this plays out, but this investigation is likely a long way away from being resolved. Look for Dan Snyder and Rodger Goodell to continue to be questioned until more answers are found. Until then, updates will continue pouring in regarding the investigation.

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