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America’s Pillar Of Journalism – Jerry Doby 

America’s Pillar Of Journalism – Jerry Doby 

Jerry Doby

By Charles Myambo 

In a world full of numerous distinguished journalists, it is rare to encounter a journalist who stands a cut above the rest the way Jerry Doby does. It is an irrefutable fact that Jerry has been a pillar to both journalism and society for several years even stemming from his days in military service. During the course of his vastly accomplished journalistic career, Jerry became a pivotal contributor to large media corporations such as the United States Press Association, United States Press Agency, Yahoo, U.S. Department of Arts and Entertainment, the Recording Academy and many more. Jerry has made a habit of normalizing greatness and continually inspiring millions through his writing and enterprise. One of his biggest imprints on media and journalism is his unparalleled curation of The Hype Magazine as their editor in chief. Under his guidance, the outlet has grown in stature to be accepted as an official media outlet for the GRAMMY Awards, BET, BMI, ASCAP and multiple other high profile red carpets and events. 


In addition to his amazing repertoire as a journalist, Jerry has long been a respected mentor in the media industry. Jerry’s journalistic tutelage and mentorship over the years has helped usher in a new generation of exceptional journalists. When it comes to Jerry, his academic potency is not the only reason why colleagues and proteges look up to him. It is in fact his principles and fundamental approach to life that have made many gravitate towards him. The humility, integrity and ethics embodied by Jerry have made him both approachable and trustworthy in the industry. That said, his impressive media acumen and well rounded credentials have also proven to be quite instrumental in how he nurtures writers and the ethos of their writing thereof. 


Jerry has always had an inherent gift for conveying stories and providing coverage. However, his rise in the media world was quite unconventional and unprecedented. As recently as 2012, Jerry was still a serving soldier. As with anything Jerry does, he also stood out in the military and displayed exemplary conduct. During his military service, he was the recipient of multiple combat and peacetime awards. It was not until 2013 that he decided to retire and pursue his journalistic calling full time. During his service in the army, Jerry often documented his unclassified views on the world and current affairs. The gift was always there but Jerry’s full potential was only unveiled once he retired and began to pursue media solely. After retirement, Jerry decided to enhance his education at Full Sail University and College of Sequoias. The man got his credentials and the rest is history. At present, Jerry has been shortlisted for global awards such as the S.E.A journalist of the year award. Then on a collective landscape, The Hype Magazine has won awards such as the coveted “SCM” Magazine of the year award among many others. 


In large part thanks to Jerry, The Hype Magazine has become a global publisher. Today, The Hype Magazine is a nationally and internationally distributed quarterly print publication, distributed in the United States and outlying territories, Europe and Asia. Print editions are available at major and independent retailers like Wal-Green’s, Barnes and Noble, Target, K-Mart, 7-11 as well as airports, newsstands, convenience stores and gas stations. For several years, a plethora of people around the world have displayed a consistent appetite for The Hype Magazine’s periodic publications. This sustained excellence is impressive considering how the media industry and media market often proves to be fickle and volatile. Together, Jerry Doby and Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson have ensured that The Hype Magazine always remains relevant and relatable. Connecting with their audience and inspiring them is so important to both Jameelah and Jerry as evidenced by their curation of a long stemming weekly podcast. The Hype podcast has helped to inform and captivate their audience as well as provide a deeper connection with them. 


A final thought to leave with the readers, ” in life, nothing is ever completely out of reach and everyone should strive to pursue their purpose”. Today, Jerry is one of the biggest figures in the media industry. He did not have to follow a conventional path but instead, he just pursued his purpose. The rest is history! 


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