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Chet Holmgren puts league on notice with bold claim

Chet Holmgren has sent a bold warning to the rest of the league 24 hours before the upcoming 2022 NBA Draft. This also isn’t the first time the 20-year-old prospect has come out with a rather daring claim, which just goes to show how much self-confidence this young man possesses.

This time around, Holmgren’s statement centers around his wardrobe. When asked who he thinks the best-dressed player in the NBA is right now, the former Gonzaga standout naturally pointed to himself:

“Hey, you know that’s all opinion,” Holmgren said, via Bleacher Report. “I’mma say myself, tomorrow. 24 hours away. Myself. Tune in to my draft suit, y’all gonna love it. I love it, y’all gonna love it, too.”

Holmgren even built up his outfit for Thursday’s draft. Now even I’m excited to see what this dude will be wearing for the draft. If his confidence is any indication of what he has in store, then it wouldn’t be surprising if he comes out with a truly eye-catching fit.

It’s not all about flash for this young man as well. Chet Holmgren is the real deal and there’s a reason why he’s expected to be a Top 3 pick in the draft. Whichever team ends up picking him up will definitely get their hands on a quality player that has a bright future ahead of him.

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