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How Did Raphael Huppe and Fannie Lorrain Die? Two Quebec Canadian Died in Mexico Death Cause

According to the latest reports, Two Canadian one man and a woman have died in a resort in Mexico. The news about this unfortunate death of both Canadian Citizens has been confirmed by the CTV News. The reports according to the CTV news body of two Canadian citizens. The dead bodies were discovered on Tuesday Playa del Carmen on Tuesday. The reports have claimed that both the deceased were a couple and have been identified as Raphael Huppe and Fannie Lorrain.

The reports from the Officials have further claimed that the victim Male in this deadly incident had a criminal history in Montreal Canada. The male victim has been charged with many serious offenses and all of them were pending at the time of his death. The male victim was on the wanted list of the police officials, he had been charged with many frauds and felonies related to that. Further reports from the authorities have confirmed that the reason behind this Canadian couple’s death is murder. The Canadian couple was murdered and their bodies were found in the resort.

The Canadian Government has released a regional advisory for its citizens which has stated some of the regions, that aren’t safe to visit. The advisory also contains the region where these two deceased were found. The case is lately getting a lot of hype and limelight on social media and media. The police officials have started their investigation and they digging deep to know about the convicts of this brutal felony. Reports have claimed that International pressure has been put on the Mexican Authorities by the Canadian Officials. Like you, we told you that the regional advisory released by the Canadian Government, has mentioned the regions of Mexico, and thus these things can affect a lot.

This news has been traumatizing news for everyone. These murders have risen questions about the safety of foreign tourists and citizens in Mexico. This can affect on tourism sector of Mexico and thus that’s the prominent reason why police authorities are investigating this case with such intensity. Currently, there is not much information about the personal life of the dead victims. There is not much information about the profession or occupation of the female victim, although, it is being said that the woman was too helping her partner in doing offenses. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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