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Inside Bill Nye The Science Guy’s VERY Messy First Marriage To Blair Tindall As He Weds Liza Mundy

Bill Nye, the scientist, surprised fans with the news that he quietly married journalist and author Liza Mundy in May, and some were surprised to learn that this is the beloved TV personality’s second marriage.

Before the 66-year-old engineer said “I do” to his new 61-year-old bride at a private ceremony in Washington DC, the former Dancing With The Stars contestant had tied the knot with musician Blair Tindall.

The couple married in 2007, but the union was short-lived when Nye went on file to have the marriage annulled after just seven weeks.

In fact, the split took a messy turn after Nye accused Tindall of vandalizing his yard after their divorce.

In 2007, Nye reportedly filed a restraining order against Tindall after she claimed she broke into his home and stole several personal items.

Speaking of his failed union years later, Nye told Early Show national correspondent Hattie Kauffman, “In my case, I emphasize that we never divorced because we were never married.”

While the nation’s favorite Science Guy hopes to enjoy a lasting partnership with his new husband, looks back on the turbulent marriage that kept him off the altar for more than 15 years.

How a quick engagement led to a very short-lived marriage

Surprise: Bill Nye announced the news of this engagement to writer and musician Blair Tindal during an appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson – pictured in 2005

First Attempt: Nye married the musician and motivational speaker in 2006

In 2006, Bill Nye surprised fans with the news that he was engaged Blair Tindalla musician who used to play oboe for the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

He shared the happy announcement during an appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

After a brief engagement, Nye surprised Tindall with an impromptu wedding in February of that year, and their wedding march was performed by cellist Yo Yo Ma and MIT Media Lab Professor Michael Hawley on the piano, according to CBS News†

The ceremony was led by pastor and author Rick Warren, but it seems the Saddleback Church’s involvement wasn’t enough to keep the relationship from deteriorating.

Nye filed for annulment of the marriage, which was granted after the union was determined to be invalid.

According to CBS, Nye told Hattie Kauffman, “We’ve never been married. We got a letter from the state of California, with the big seal on it, that we were never married. So soon after, we both agreed it wasn’t a good idea.’

How allegations of destruction of rose gardens led to a restraining order?

Quick End: Nye finally filed to dissolve the union after just seven weeks of marriage

Angry: Nye accused Tindall – pictured in 2014 – of breaking into his home and damaging his rose garden after their split

In 2007, Nye filed for a restraining order alleging Tindall’s behavior was a cause for concern after their marriage ended.

According to the guest star of The Big Bang Theory, his ex broke into the house they both owned and stole several personal items.

He also claimed that the writer caused damage to his garden and allegedly attempted to harm him by throwing the poisonous liquid at his face, according to CBS.

The liquid in question was an herbicide widely used in agriculture and gardening, which could have caused Nye to develop health problems if he had ingested it.

Tindall denied any wrongdoing, claiming she only caused damage to the rose garden using weed killer, but Nye was given the restraining order anyway.

Why the bitter exes kept battling it out in court?

Stay behind: Nye was given a six-year ban forcing Tindall to stay 100 yards away from him

Pricey move: In 2012, Nye sued Tindall for $57,000 in unpaid legal fees

Tindall later filed a petition for the restraining order to be lifted, alleging that “stress and fatigue” clouded her judgement.

“I got very angry and all I could think about was destroying the rose garden, so he couldn’t give another woman the roses I had cared for,” she reportedly said. “I just wanted to hurt his flowers, not him.”

Despite Nye being given a six-year ban requiring Tindall to stay 100 yards away from him, he claimed in 2009 she had violated the warrant.

According to TMZ, he went back to court in 2012 to enforce the injunction and the court asked Blair to cover damages from his $57,000 legal bill in the process. Although the court ordered Blair to cover the damage, she did not pay.

During the tense legal battle, she wrote her book, Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music, which received critical acclaim from classical music experts.

In 2014, while still in the midst of her legal dispute with Bill Nye, the book was adapted for television and streamed on Amazon.

How Bill Nye Begins a New Chapter… 16 Years Later

Second time lucky? Nye married journalist and author Liza Mundy . in May

Happily Ever After: The couple had had several public appearances ahead of their big day – pictured in March

In May 2022, Nye married Liza Mundy in a ceremony in the Haupt Garden of the Castle Building at the Smithsonian Institute in DC.

Robert Picardo, who played The Doctor on Star Trek, was the celeb official and the pair wrote their own vows, according to People†

Their first dance was to Sam Cooke’s rendition of Wonderful World, and his brother Darby was also in attendance, along with her daughter Anna.

Their wedding photographer was Pete Souza, a longtime White House photographer.

Mundy was a Washington Post reporter who wrote books such as Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II.

Their relationship started after she mentioned Nye’s cryptanalyst mother Jacqueline Jenkins-Nye in her book Code Girls, he emailed Mundy. They developed an instant rapport and started dating.

Nye wore his gold wedding ring at the June 17 premiere of The End Is Nye in NYC.

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