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MAFS Australia star Domenica Calarco reveals major Logies snub

A handful of the MAFS cast was invited to Sunday’s Logies, but one of the stars has revealed the brutal reality behind their attendance.

Married At First Sight star Domenica Calarco was one of the handful of cast members who were lucky enough to get invited to Sunday’s Logies.

But it seems receiving an invite to Aussie TV’s night of nights wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, at least that is, for the MAFS gang.

The 28-year-old makeup artist turned Instagram influencer has revealed on Hot Nights With Abbie Chatfield that when the cast attempted to enter the main ceremony space at The Star on the Gold Coast, they were instead ushered into a “separate room”.

“We did the red carpet, it took an hour-and-a-half to get all the way through, and by the time we got to the media wall they ushered us in our group and wouldn’t let us go in the big room,” Calarco said.

“We were a bit accosted … We thought we were going into the main room and they said, ‘No guys, up the escalator.’

“They were like, ‘You’ve got to go in this other room with all the Channel 9 people.’

“It was just Channel 9 people from The Block and Travel Guides.”

Calarco said the MAFS cast was eventually welcomed into the main room a mere 20 minutes before their award for Most Popular Reality Program was announced.

But their stint didn’t last long.

“They had a table for us with our main [courses] on it, but then we couldn’t say there,” Calarco said, adding she “wasn’t sure” why they weren’t allocated a table in the ceremony room.

“I think maybe because they were like, ‘The MAFS people are a bit rowdy.’ I don’t know, what’s the other reasoning?” she said.

“They really didn’t give me a specific answer, they just sold it as, ‘This [room] is more fun.”

Still, Calarco and her fellow cast members Ella Ding, Brent Vitiello, Al Perkins, Jack Millar, Selina Chhaur and Dion Giannarelli were lucky to snag an invite in the first place.

Other stars of the dating program, including Olivia Frazer, Jackson Lonie, Carolina Santos, Daniel Holmes and Tamara Djordjevic, were snubbed from the invite list altogether.

Producers reportedly only had seven Logie invitations to divide among the cast of MAFS.

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