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Mikal Bridges gets honest on Deandre Ayton trade rumors

Phoenix Suns wing Mikal Bridges knows that the Deandre Ayton situation is out of his control. After all, both parties need to meet on a common ground to make things work. However, if it’s up to Bridges, he wants the big man back.

Speaking on Wednesday during a charity softball game, Bridges shared that he’s not paying too much attention to the talks and all the negativity surrounding Ayton’s free agency. The general belief is that the young big man has played his last game with the Suns, with Phoenix determined not to pay him his desired max contract and instead work to do a sign-and-trade deal centered around him.

Bridges, nonetheless, still wishes the Suns and Ayton can still agree to terms and renew their partnership.

“Of course. That’s my guy. That’s my best friend,” Bridges said when asked about Ayton’s free agency, per Gerald Bourguet of PHNX Sports.

Considering that there are a number of teams reportedly willing to give Deandre Ayton the money he wants, it looks unlikely the Suns will match the offer he gets and keeps him. Of course they would want something in return and not lose the youngster for nothing, hence the talk for the sign-and-trade deal.

A lot can still happen in free agency, and who knows, the Suns and Ayton might be able t resolve their contract disputes. But for now, Mikal Bridges and the rest of the fan base shouldn’t have their hopes up.


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