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Paolo & Chris Banchero, Are They Related? Explore Thare Family Tree –

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Paolo & Chris Banchero, Are They Related? Explore Thare Family Tree

Since both Paolo Banchero of Duke and Chris Banchero of the Seattle Falcons have the same last name, basketball fans have been wondering what, if any, link there is between the two players.

Paolo Banchero, a former standout player for Duke who is now a member of the NBA and is widely considered to be the top prospect for the league’s upcoming draft in 2022,

On the other side, Chris Banchero is a professional basketball player who will begin his tenure with the Meralco Bolts in the month of February 2022.

Let’s do a thorough investigation into the connection that exists between the two basketball players and the history of their families.

Is There a Connection Between Chris Banchero And Paolo Banchero?

Fans are interested in knowing whether or not the two All-Star basketball players, Chris Banchero and Paolo Banchero, are brothers due to the fact that they share the same last name. The answer to your question is yes; they are linked to each other and are cousins, despite the fact that they don’t appear very much alike each other.

Chris and Paolo are both professional athletes, yet they attended the same high school growing up and even went on to play for different teams and countries. The cousins attended O’Dea High School in Seattle and graduated together. During their time there, they competed together for the state championship and won as a team.

However, upon their graduation from high school, Chris made the decision to join the Seattle Falcons, while Paolo joined the Duke; hence, they went their different ways in their respective careers.

Paolo has a height of 6 feet and 10 inches and plays the position of power forward, whilst Chris has a height of 6 feet and 1 inch and either plays the point guard or the shooting guard.

Both of these cousins, despite the fact that they look very different and play in very different ways, are currently pursuing very successful careers in their respective fields. While Paolo is making history in NBA 2022, Chris has signed a contract to play with Meralco Bolts in the Philippines for the next three years.

However, it would appear that the two cousins do not get the opportunity to see one other or catch up as frequently as they would want due to the fact that they are located on opposite sides of the world, as they are never seen together on any of their social media.

The Banchero Family Tree,  Chris Banchero And Paolo Banchero

Both Chris Banchero and Paolo Banchero have pretty fascinating family histories, and they have a common ancestor on their father’s side of the family. Chris and Paolo Banchero are cousins. The children’s mothers come from a variety of countries, but both of their fathers trace their ancestry to Italy.

The parents of Paolo are Mario Banchero and Rhonda Smith. Paolo was born to them. His mother is of African American descent and was a professional basketball player in her college years.

Rhonda Smith competed in basketball at the professional level for the American Basketball League and has played professionally in other countries. She waited until she was retired before taking a job as a coach at Holy Names Academy in Seattle.

His mother was the one who encouraged him to pursue a career in basketball, despite the fact that he experimented with other sports including American football and track and field when he was younger.

Paolo has just lately become a citizen of Italy and has declared his desire to compete for Italy in international tournaments.

Regarding Chris Banchero, he is the child of Paolo’s aunt Jacqueline Guerrero and Chris Banchero. Because his mother was born in the Philippines, he is eligible to play for the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

Although both of the player’s fathers participated in college football, the player has not yet disclosed the identify of either of his fathers. Chris just just shared on his social media accounts a picture of himself and his father giving looks in honor of father’s day.

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