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SC resolves the Dua Zahra case when the father withdraws his petition

The petition of Mehdi Kazmi was heard by a three-member bench of the supreme court.

The SC decides the Dua Zahra case!

The new situation was brought about by the father’s attorney’s request to withdraw the appeal of the Sindh High Court’s decision about the adolescent’s recovery on Thursday.

The petition was considered by a three-judge panel in the Supreme Court’s Karachi registry, which included Justice Muneeb Akhtar, Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, and Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar.

Dua should be treated as a human being and not herded like cattle, the bench stated in its remarks, adding that she was a human.

The supreme court observed that because Dua Zehra had already married the lad of her choosing, they could do nothing to forward the case at this time.

Additionally, the supreme court made it clear to Dua Zehra’s father that his daughter’s situation was in no way one of “kidnapping” or “harassment.”

Mehdi Zazmi was also informed by the SC judges that a girl’s Nikah remained valid even though she entered into a marriage while still under the age of 16.

The bench commented that it was still lawful under the law established by the Sindh Assembly and added what they could do when her girl had refused to accompany him even after the meeting.

The top court further instructed Kazmi to contact the proper authorities if he desired the formation of a medical board.

The petitioner was informed by the SC that the issue was outside of its scope.

Jibran Nasir, the legal representative for Mehdi Kazmi, eventually acknowledged in a media interview that Dua’s nikah nama was genuine.

He said that it had never been shown to be phoney.

Then, he continued, “he and his client may approach the appropriate venues for the formation of a medical board.

He stated, “We will elevate the age factor of the girl in the trial court once more.”

“We will seek that a new board be formed from the secretary of health. And we have a good chance that the report will support us, said Jibran Nasir.

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