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The date of Tarkov’s escape from Russia is being ridiculed as a prelude to the event

The date of Tarkov’s escape from Russia is being ridiculed as a prelude to the event

The Escape from Tarkov Wiping events have begun, and the new Lighthouse Patch is about to be unveiled.

Battlestate Games hasn’t shared the release date of its latest EFT update, or how long fans will have to wait for a major update to begin.

However, a few tips have been removed that players will download the next major Tarkov patch before the end of this month.

But there is something new Escape from Tarkov Wiping events are taking place, and everything seems to be ready when the Lighthouse extension arrives.

Escape from Tarkov – Action Gameplay Trailer



Escape from Tarkov – Action Gameplay Trailer





Tarkov’s wiping events have begun

Players confirm that the official escape from Tarkov began inside the game. As previously confirmed by Battlestate Games, they officially count when the next major game will launch on a computer platform. Players confirm that the custom map has been significantly altered before the next wipe and patch release.

This includes each Scav Boss appearing on the map at the same time, which means that every boss is visiting the area right now. This is the last pre-wipe event that took place in Tarkov in June after Obdolbos stim improvement and uninterrupted air drops.

Several sources have also taken tips shared by Battlestate Games, suggesting it could be wiped out next week. according to NME gameSome of Battlestate’s latest media quotes the number 30 may indicate an escape from Tarkov on June 30.

This includes reference to Obdolbos’ new statistic, number 3006, which is another possible idea that the EFT wipe will be done on 30/06. Details about the wipe date and the opening of the new Lighthouse renovation are expected to be shared at least 24 hours before the Battlestate launch date. However, as before, there may be delays, so it’s a good idea for players to check the official social media pages and see if they’re up to date.

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