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What did 6ix9ine say about Lil Tjai being hospitalized after the NJ shooting?

Lil Tjay was reportedly injured Filming in New Jersey on Wednesday (June 22). After the rapper was hospitalized, many people in the industry came to support him.

Dj Akademics regularly shares updates on its official Instagram account, and 6ix9ine is one of many who leave comments below the article.

The rapper’s reaction to Lil Tjay’s situation did not go down well.

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What did 6il9ine say about Lil TJay’s hospitalization?

Shortly after reports emerged that Egwater had been shot and that one of the injured was Lil Tjai, the Academex rapper shared an article informing his followers that he had undergone surgery.

While others send their prayers, 6ix9ine recently published two emoticons – smiling face, crying face.

Then another below record 6ix9ine commented on Lil Tjai’s “arrest on suspicion of shooting” that he “almost died for Burrito,” followed by a similar emoticon.

Fans are praying for the rapper to recover quickly

Concerned fans wrote on social media that Lil Tje should be healed quickly.

One made a comment: “Pray for Lil Tjay, we can’t lose another legend.”

“Damn, I just saw Lil Tjai’s news, and it’s really heartbreaking. I pray he can overcome it. ” wrote another.

Another fan tweeted: “Pray for LilTJay (to HE after the shooting). We don’t have to die again, especially like that. “

“All the prayers are for Lil TJAY and his family, and I hope he can overcome it.” tweeted one fan.

Smile | Official trailer



Smile | Official trailer





Did they eat beef?

There was no public beef featuring 6ix9nine and Lil Tjay, but the latter claimed that the old camp had tried to bribe him through social media to produce fake beef.

Lil Durk’s 6ix9ine base began by posting him live on Instagram, saying he “tried to pay Tekashi to continue eating beef on social media.” XXL magazine.

Lil Tjay then posted a screenshot of Durk’s live video on his Instagram Story, saying, “They did the same thing to me !!! Damn his money!”

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