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Charles And Camilla’s Large Rwanda Entourage

For William and Kate’s Caribbean odyssey in March, they were joined by three collaborators.

Compare and contrast with Charles and Camilla, whose entourage in Rwanda is nine – including three private secretaries, two communications officers, director of community engagement Eva Omaghomi and medic professor Charles Deakin.

In any case, the number is lower than the 13 who accompanied the couple to Australia in 2018.

Then Charles had a traveling yeoman to take care of his decorations, leading one Australian politician to wonder if he was a member of a band like the Traveling Wilburys.

Charles and Camilla’s entourage in Rwanda is the ninth – including three private secretaries, two communications officers, a director of community engagement and a doctor

For William and Kate’s Caribbean odyssey in March, they were joined by three collaborators

The Queen must do everything she can to prevent York MP Rachael Maskell from failing in her bid to introduce a bill aimed at depriving Andrew of his duchy.

Only Parliament can remove a peerage and if there is a tidal wave of public opinion it would be hard for the Commons not to make time to consider the bill.

Since it directly affects the royal prerogative, the Queen has the right to veto the bill, something that would really trigger a constitutional hoo-ha.

In addition to ex-tennis star John Lloyd’s memories of playing with celebrities, he remembers matches with Dustin Hoffman, pictured, when The Graduate star insisted he could beat Grand Slam victor Steffi Graf.

“I’d tell him, ‘You don’t get any game from Steffi,’ John recalls.

“He wouldn’t have it. He hit her in the head every day and twice on Sundays. Truly astonishing what a fame fed ego can do to a person.’

Moody ex-Rolling Stone Bill Wyman has been airbrushed from a BBC Two documentary to mark the band’s 60th anniversary.

“I’m not part of the 60th anniversary,” explained Wyman, who left the band in the mid-1990s.

Could this be Mick’s revenge for band archivist Bill for refusing to help fill in the gaps in Jagger’s memories for a memoir that was subsequently scrapped?

From left to right: Ron Wood, Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts, Keith Richards and Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones December 1989

Lady Antonia Fraser reveals an unlikely friendship between husband Harold Pinter and jockey Lester Piggott as they enjoyed a series of dinners while staying at the same holiday hotel in Mauritius.

“I asked Harold, ‘Well, what did you think of Lester?’ she tells The Oldie. ‘Great guy. If only he had played cricket,’ he replied. But Antonia confirmed Lester’s notorious reputation for frugality, adding, “Harold always paid the bill for dinner.”

Polymath Gyles Brandreth recalls attending a California birthday party for a very drunk lady when telegram chanting was in vogue.

A boy arrived with the telegram and she says, “Sing me the telegram”. And the boy said, “I don’t want to sing the telegram.”

And she said, “You’ll sing that telegram to me, it’s my birthday son.” He opened the telegram and sang, “Tra, la, la, la, la, la, your sister Rose is dead.”

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