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Chet Holmgren explains meaning of his dice chain

Chet Holmgren has a dice chain

Chet Holmgren was the No. 2 overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, but he was No. 1 when it came to his jewelry.

The former Gonzaga star wore a large chain to the draft that had a pair of jeweled dice attached. While on the red carpet, Holmgren was asked about the meaning behind his dice chain. He gave the explanation.

The dice showed the numbers three and four. That represents the No. 34 jersey number that Holmgren wore at Gonzaga during his freshman season. Holmgren also noted that three plus four equals seven, which was his jersey number on the national team.

“I’m big on betting on myself, so I had to put the dice on the chain,” explained Holmgren.

We may be fans of the dice chain, but there is one NBA player who didn’t seem to be a fan of it.

Holmgren will be heading to the Oklahoma City Thunder to begin his pro career.

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