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Who Was Marcus Bryant? Watch Man Caught In Subway Door Dragged To Death Video CCTV Fotoage?

A shocking piece of news is coming forward where it is reported that a New York City subway rider died after his pants and foot got caught in the door of a train. The man died a painful death as he was dragged along the platform. The news has spread all over the internet and has shaken everyone to the core as no one could even imagine the pain the man would have gone through. Currently, the man’s identity has not been revealed. Check out further details in the article below.

Marcus Bryant Man Caught In Subway Door Dragged To Death

According to reports, the unidentified man was trying to exit a subway car in Brooklyn before midnight on Wednesday. It was that moment when the man got caught in the door. A police spokesperson said that the man was dragged across the platform and then onto the tracks. It resulted in his tragic death at the moment. People who were present at the scene were also stunned to see the scene as it was terrifying. The man had not even imagined that it would be his last time exiting a subway as he would leave the world right away.

It is coming forward that the operator of the next train managed to stop the train before it could hit the injured man as he was lying on the tracks. Taking the man’s health into consideration, he was taken to a nearby hospital. The medical staff tried to revive the man by giving him the best possible treatment. However, he could not come to life and he died in the hospital. As per reports, the doctors pronounced the man dead at the hospital. Although not much information about the man has come to the front, it is said that he was in his 30s.

However, some reports claim that the man was 37-year-old Marcus Bryant. Following the incident, he was taken to Maimonides Hospital in serious condition. He was reportedly a Brooklyn resident. One can imagine what his family and friends must be going through after learning about his tragic death. Tributes and condolence messages have poured in for the young man who witnessed an unfortunate death. It is not the first time when such kind of incident has happened as in the past, many people have lost their lives due to this incident. Keep following our site for more such updates and the trending news happening around the world.

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