Denver Climber Dies After Fall From Crestone Traverse, 2nd Rescued Near 14ers in Southern Colorado

A shocking incident happened with the two climbers who died after falling on the mountains of Sangre de Cristo on Wednesday. This news has been shared by the Custer County Search & Rescue Team. Though one person is rescued as he asked for help by communicating but the second one can’t be saved because of the weather. The whole incident is now getting viral on the internet and people want to know the whole story which happened to them. So, if you are the one so you are in the right place as we have mentioned detailed information on this news. So, let’s have a look below.

Denver climber dies after fall near Crestone Traverse

An incident took place in Southern Colorado where two climbers fall on the Sangre de Cristo mountains and they both were at about 13,800 feet above between Crestone Needle & Crestone Peak one of the men fell fall and th second climber reached to help him but she can’t help him. But she can’t reach him and ask for help with the help of satellite communication and the weather was not good at that time as said by CCSR. Though the team reached the climbers with the help of a helicopter and the CCSAR Technical Rope Rescue Team.

Who Were The Climbers?

The climber’s identity has not been revealed and the one who died police are trying to find information about him but none of the confirmed information has come. Police are doing their investigation on this case that what happened to him that he fall suddenly and died. If there is any mistake done by the team or him. So we will update you about this when we get more latest information about this.

After this incident, CCSR shared some guidelines for the people who tried climbing from high altitudes. People are very excited about the adventurous activity and forget to focus on some real things which will help them in an emergency.  If you ever go climbing so you should focus on the points mentioned below. Here are the points which is shared below.

  • Always check the weather before climbing
  • Check your route if reversing direction is not available.
  • Always carry a GPS device or two-way communication device or cellphone which helps you to reach another person if you are in danger.
  • Always carry clothes and water and food for emergencies.

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