Fans are rooting for the “bald” cat Doja, as the star shaves his hair and eyebrows

Fans are rooting for the “bald” cat Doja, as the star shaves his hair and eyebrows

The Doja cat is finally at its “bald” stage kiss me more The singer showed her new look to her fans live on Instagram. While many fans loved her new look, others were shocked to learn that she had shaved off her hair and eyebrows.

The 26-year-old singer has delivered many hits Need to know, Get into it (Oh), Say yes and kiss me more in his short career.

Not only do his fans love his work, but many also admire his bold personality. The singer recently shaved her head and went bald to match her true nature. He also explained why.

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Doja Cat explains why he’s bald

Talking about him Instagram live Thursday, August 4, the Say yes The singer showed off his new bald look. He also explained why he decided to shave his head.

Talking about her new look, the Doja cat admitted that she “never likes” her hairstyle. That also revealed that he is now “fascinated” by his new look.

“I feel like I should never have hair,” the 26-year-old singer said. told viewers and fans. “I don’t like having hair.”

“I never liked to cut hair. Since the beginning of my life, I will never be able to tell you, “That’s great.” I just don’t like having hair.”

She talked about how it makes her tired to take care of her hair all the time. The Grammy winner explained that she felt extremely exhausted while working out and wearing a wig.

He revealed that he had to “take his head off and slide” as he worked out “incredibly hard”.

“I would exercise, but I couldn’t concentrate because I was more concerned about my appearance. Or what my hair looked like and how it stuck to my scalp,” explained Doja Cat. “I can’t believe it’s taking so long to shave my head.”

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The singer shaved his eyebrows directly on Instagram

Also a musician Shaved eyebrows during Instagram live, starting from the left one.

She delighted her fans with a message from her make-up artist when she started shaving her eyebrows. “My makeup artist texted me, I wonder if you shave your eyebrows.”

Doja then shaves his left and right eyebrows one by one.

Doja is cheered by fans after the cat was shaved

Some fans couldn’t believe Doja the cat was bald, while others supported her and said she looked beautiful.

“Doja Cat is eyebrowless, bald, and still one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen.” one fan wrote.

“@dojacat bald, beautiful… he’s bald,” said another fan.

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