Florence Pugh sheer dress, photos of a star’s nipple show the dirty truth.

Hemsworth is getting a lot of praise, and the buzz about his looks will probably get him movie roles, sponsorship deals, and just more. Men are seen as goals if they have a fit body and like to show it off. If you’re a woman with a fit body who likes to show it off, you’ll probably get a lot of negative comments.

Pugh wore a dress that was a little revealing, and the backlash was so strong that she had to make a long statement about body image and respecting women. When a woman does something, it’s always criticized and looked at very closely. When women show off their bodies, people start to pick them apart. Instead of being praised, Pugh’s nipples are talked about as if they were a problem. What does it say about her that she shows off her nipples? Can she act seriously and still show off her breasts? Why would she want to show off her breasts?

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