12 Polish Pilgrims Killed and 32 Injured in Bus Crash

Croatia Bus Accident: 12 Polish Pilgrims Killed and 32 Injured in Bus Crash: – On Saturday, August 6, a bus that was full of so many devotees crashed off the road and about twelve were killed after the incident people and 31 people were injured. According to sources, the incident took place near Varaždin on the northwestern side of Croatia in Europe.

Local police are investigating the matter for any kind of foul play in the accident and told the media that they will issue an updated statement once they find the root cause of the off-road bus crash.

Police investigation and statement

The police department shared its statement through social media platforms saying that around 43 people were injured in the accident and nearly 12 of them are dead. The police did not share the personal details of the deceased and injured people but very soon if their identity was not revealed, the police will release their statement through social media platforms and TV channels.

Croatia Bus Accident

Croatia Bus Accident: What happened?

According to sources, the bus was completely filled with some devotees who were passing by the bus and the bus suddenly skidded off the road, leading to the bus crash near Varaždin in northwestern Croatia. Sources reveal that the incident took place around 05:40 near Breznické Hum and Varaždin on the northwestern side of Croatia in Europe.


The incident left about 12 dead and about 18 people in serious condition were admitted to the hospital.

All the passengers who were on the bus were citizens of Poland and the bus has license plates registered in Warsaw. Sources confirmed that the travelers were traveling to the Roman Catholic shrine of Medjugorje in southern Bosnia.

Since Croatian police released information about the incident, the case has received a lot of attention on social media platforms. Netizens paid tribute to the people who lost their lives and prayed for those who are in serious condition. There are also people who have shared this message so that the family members of the victims can recognize them.

We have provided all the details about the case that our team could search from all sources including social media and we will update it here soon as soon as there is any information about the case. Stay connected with us for more updates. Follow mymorningtea.in

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