Awek Uitm video Viral on Twitter, Reddit

Due to the fact that football is all about achieving goals, even the most ambitious and driven young players require some early motivation. Before they can imagine themselves on a trophy-winning team or dream of scoring more, aspiring lionesses need to connect with role models.

Awek Uitm video viral on Twitter

This is just one of the many reasons why diversity is important and helps to challenge the white majority in England. This is just an admission that visibility matters, not a criticism of Salina Wigman’s stellar staff or her excellent leadership.

It’s important that young girls don’t look up to anyone who lacks a role model.

However, unlike the Lionesses, 15 of France’s 23 players are black or brown, and they are in the same quarterfinals of Euro 2022 as England. Only three of the Lionesses’ roster’s players are black, and only Jess Carter has played thus far. Nikita Paris and Demi Stokes are the other two.

There is a problem, there is no doubt about that, but it has nothing to do with Wiegman’s chances of making England’s Euro 2022 squad.

The Girl Scout system in the UK lacks the crucial local organizations, assets, and inventiveness to choose the best location. Why doesn’t the head scout contact a nonprofit like Football Beyond Borders for help in locating talented young athletes from non-traditional backgrounds?

The demographics also had an impact. Comparatively speaking, the Northeast is much whiter. But it doesn’t appear that scouts are discovering talented young black players in more diverse locations. Have you found the right spot? Do they promote groupthink that looks for similarities or complacency? Or is it somewhat connected to the 2010 founding of WSL?

When I first started playing, women’s football was amateur, and the London-based women’s teams Arsenal, Chelsea, Charlton, and Fulham all had distinctive playing styles.

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