Is Cancer Prevention Possible? Seven Ways To Reduce The Chances Of Suffering From The Disease Vibesbullet

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cancer It is one of the worst things that a person can suffer for a lifetime. It is a genetic disease, fortunately, as more and more is known about the processes that cause a normal cell to turn into a cancer cell. of the reasons Aging, genetics and toxins present in the environment.

Fortunately, our bodies have different mechanisms to correct the genetic mutations that can cause a malignant tumor, even if these don’t work, we have the tools to detect and eliminate tumor cells in their early stages. have a specialized immune system, ‘Natural Killer’ (NK).

Even then, The type of cancer depends on the origin of the tumor cell, Where it is, size, affected lymph nodes and if metastasis has occurred, that is, when cancer reaches the bloodstream and spreads to other organs. So it is very important that if we have any suspicion of having a tumor, or any type of cancer, let’s go to the doctor and follow their instructions.

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