Naagin 6 August 6 Written Episode Sheshnaagin Pratha Battles Yeti Mehek Plans to Expose Kiara

Naagin 6, August 6, Written Episode: In today’s episode Pratha aka Tejasswi Prakash asks for a boon from Takshak to make Rishabh aka Simba Nagpal alive. Mehek aka Maheck Chahal tells Urvashi aka Urvashi Dholakia that Kiara is Pratha. Pratha tells Rajesh Pratap Singh aka Vishal Solanki that she can’t live with him anymore. Mehek and Urvashi bring Yeti to expose Kiara and kill Pratha. Farishta and Rakshak Naag try to stop Pratha from going to Naag temple as Yeti is searching for her. Pratha is not afraid to risk her life in her pursuit for seeking revenge from Mehek. Villagers at Naagmahal plead to Sheshnaagin Pratha to save them from Yeti.Also Read – Tejasswi Prakash-Karan Kundrra’s Intimate Video Goes Viral, Couple Locks Lip at Party – Watch #TejRan’s Romantic Moment


Pratha is shocked and heartbroken to learn about Rishabh’s death. She disguises as Mehek while Urvashi confesses that she and Mehek plotted to separate Pratha and Rishabh. Rajesh Pratap is in love with Pratha while his sister reminds him of his fake wedding. Mehek attempts to open the door that grants wish to Sheshnaagin at Naagmahal. However, she realizes she is not Sheshnaagin anymore as she gets shock every time she touches the door handle. Also Read – Tejasswi Prakash Spices Things up in a Hot Backless Top, Fans Cheer For #TejRan – See Viral Pics

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Mehek Tries to Kill Urvashi

Pratha prays to Lord Shiva at Naagmahal temple and performs Tandav Nritya. As she gets exhausted and hits the ground bowing to God, Takshak, the king of snakes arrives for puja. Takshak tells Pratha that it wasn’t Seema who killed her Nani. When Pratha asks him the truth he tells her this is not the right time to talk about it. Pratha asks Takshak to grant her boon and bring Rishabh back to life. Takshak refuses to grant her wish and she angrily leaves Nagmahal. Mehek gets frustrated at Gujral house and tells Urvashi she isn’t Sheshnaagin anymore and Kiara and Pratha are the same. Urvashi scolds Mehek and the latter gets angry and turns into Naagin. Mehek almost crushes Urvashi’s body with her long tail but the latter pleads for her life. Mehek then warns Urvashi to not misbehave with her. Urvashi scolds Mehek again and tells her that she should control herself otherwise someone in the family might see her Naagin form.

Pratha Meets Zhang

Pratha tells Rajesh that she won’t live with him anymore as she has fulfilled her promise. Rajesh tells her to wait for few days till he gets his haveli back by convincing her aunt to sign the documents. Pratha tells him to get the job done as soon as possible as she has to take revenge from Mehek. Pratha calls up Mehek as Kiara to finalise the land deal and asks her to meet at the property. Rajesh and Pratha drive to the property the next day and are stopped by a large King Cobra. Pratha prays to the snake and tells him not to worry about her. She says now her only goal is vengeance. The snake goes away while Rajesh is surprised and drives ahead. Rajesh and Kiara meet Zhang, Urvashi and Mehek at the site to finalise the deal. Pratha takes Rajesh at the corner and explains to him the real intention behind the land purchase. Rajesh tries to touch her but Pratha angrily warns him not to even think about it again.

Yeti Attacks Kiara

Urvashi, Mehek and Zhang have a wicked plan. They call Rajesh outside without Kiara. Suddenly Yeti comes at the godown while Pratha looks at the site map. Mehek and Urvashi hide behind to see if she transforms into Sheshnaagin. Pratha acts wisely and faints. Yeti leaves while Uravashi scolds Mehek for her stupid plan. Rajesh arrives throws water on Kiara’s face as she gains consciousness. Kiara tells everyone that she saw a large Gorilla but Urvashi tells her she might have seen another animal and it would just be her illusion. Yeti appears again when everyone is gone but as Pratha transforms into Sheshnaagin, Yeti becomes Farishta. Farishta tells Pratha that he knew about Mehek’s intentions so he himself came as Yeti and the King Cobra on the road was Rakshak Naag. Farishta tells Pratha not to go to Naagmahal for any prayer as Yeti might actually arrive this time. Pratha decides to go to Naagmahal and face Yeti.

Sheshnaagin Saves Villagers From Yeti

Pratha arrives at Naagmahal while Yeti tries to kill innocent villagers. Sheshnaagin battles Yeti as he tries to crush her between his fist. Pratha transforms in her snake form and bites the Yeti. The Yeti falls to the ground and dies. The villagers hail Sheshnaagin for her bravery.

What to Expect From Upcoming Episode

In the next episode Sheshnaag plans to get married. Takshak confesses he can’t give the boon of Rishabh’s life to Pratha. He says I cannot make a person alive who isn’t dead at the very first place. Pratha declares she will have a face-off with Mehek this time.

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