Online viral videos of taxi harassment

On social media sites like Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram, online taxi harassment videos have gone viral. Videos of online cab drivers have you curious.

The video link that follows shows online taxi harassment that happened to a stunning woman as she was driving back to Mandano’s house.

The online taxi harassment video, which lasts for 5 minutes and 40 seconds, is currently trending widely on social media sites like Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram.

The victim, a stunning woman, acknowledged having been subjected to se*xual harassment in the taxi in the online cab driver’s video.

According to information taken from a video that went viral on Twitter, an online cab driver who was thought to be harassing a woman abruptly caused a stir on social media.

According to the data, we have gathered, the online taxi driver’s se*xual harassment video is 5 minutes and 40 seconds long and is currently trending on Twitter.

Once again shocking social media users on Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram is the issue of se*xual harassment of passengers by online taxi drivers.

Using an online taxi service once more, a female passenger was subjected to se*xual harassment in a Manado, North Sulawesi, neighborhood.

The female passenger character confesses that she has encountered issues with se*xual harassment in online transportation by posting a video on the @Majeliskopi08 Instagram account.

Taxi Harassment Video Link to Go Viral

The beginning of this tale occurs when female passengers hail a taxi using an online transportation service. He sat in the second row of seats after entering the taxi.

The woman’s thigh was even touched briefly by the online taxi driver. The online taxi driver’s hand was impulsively brushed off by the passengers.

It turned out that the driver continued to tease the passenger verbally and held his hand as well.

This incident occurred on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, in Manado City, North Sulawesi, according to the information in the upload. Both the driver and the se*xual harasser have been placed under arrest.

The existence of se*xual harassment between online taxi drivers and female passengers was confirmed by Sub-Directorate IV of the Renakta of the Directorate of Generic Criminal Investigation of the North Sulawesi Regional Police.

The alleged perpetrator of the se*xual harassment was identified as NHW alias Novri, a resident of Kombi Village in the Minahasa Regency, and the victim was named Et.

Following that, this video became popular on social media, and users left comments in response. Many came from internet users who criticized the victim for allowing others to wear his clothes.

It serves as a reminder to women that what we wear affects how much respect other people have for us.

@Nur *** advised wearing clothing that wouldn’t make other men want to lust after you if you didn’t want to face harassment.

@Agi*** explained, “Skirts for elementary school students are short, madam. The risk, according to @Lqm***, is the implications of spreading genitalia.

Are you intrigued by the online video of a driver of a vehicle harassing a female passenger? The video of se*xual harassment in transportation can be found online at this link: visit THIS

That was the gist of the story about the videos of online taxi harassment. The good news is that women can now use online taxi services with confidence.

Online taxi harassment video that has gone viral

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