Substantial savings on Microsoft Surface 3, on sale this week for just $240

Avoid supply chain inflation by purchasing a refurbished Microsoft Surface 3.

ISSY LES MOULINEAUX, FRANCE - 9 OCTOBRE 2020: Siège français de Microsoft, socialété multinationale américaine qui développe, fabrique et provider des logiciels Informatiques ainsi que de l'électronique
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Unfortunately, few of us have the means to pay higher-than-usual prices for electronics right now. But we still need to be able to buy a new computer when we need it, right? If you are in that predicament consider an alternative to buying brand new and check this out instead refurbished Microsoft Surface 3offered at the very affordable $239.99 while stock is still available.

Microsoft Surface 3 is like an all-in-one tablet and laptop. It has a high-speed Atom processor, ample 4GB memory, 128GB SSD internal storage, and a 10.8-inch full HD display for crystal clear visuals. It comes with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed, so it works like any other PC, and it supports wireless connectivity with a battery that can last up to 10 hours on a single charge – even while watching videos.

Worried about buying a refurbished unit? Don’t sweat. This device has been professionally reconditioned to an ‘A’ rating, which means it has been tested to work flawlessly and will arrive in near mint condition. If there are any flaws, they will be cosmetic in nature, at least the case has minimal scratches, which will not affect the operation of the device.

Everyone needs a computer these days. But money is getting tight, so we can’t afford to buy new things. That’s why refurbished models, such as this Microsoft Surface 3, is a great alternative. They’ll let you do all the things you need to do every day, but at a price that won’t break the bank.

Pricing and availability subject to change.

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