Teresa Giudice’s Brother Joe Gorga Goes Grocery Shopping After Snubbing His Sister’s Wedding

Teresa Giudice’s brother Joe Gorga was spotted running errands just hours before her wedding to Luis ‘Louie’ Ruelas today as it was revealed he would not be attending.

Joe and wife Melissa, 43, were noticeably absent from Friday’s rehearsal, before posting a seemingly shady Instagram post about how “blood doesn’t make you family.”

Now DailyMail.com has learned exclusively that the couple is cutting the wedding off, as well as the shocking reason why.

According to multiple sources who spoke on condition of anonymity, there was a huge outburst between Melissa and Teresa as they were filming the final season finale “and it all had to do with charges of cheating.”

An insider revealed: “Information has been brought to Teresa about Melissa allegedly cheating on Joe.

“It was all a totally unfounded rumor, and she could have stopped it, but instead insisted it all come out.”

Joe Gorga, brother of Real Housewives star Teresa Giudice, was spotted today while going grocery shopping in New Jersey – hours before his sister tied the knot. DailyMail.com has learned exclusively that not only is the couple cutting the wedding, but the shocking reason why

Siblings Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga pictured together in 2016

Brother Joe Gorga (pictured) and his wife Melissa were noticeably absent from Friday’s rehearsal. It has now been confirmed that Gorga will miss the Saturday night wedding

The revelations come after Joe Gorga posted a cryptic message on his Instagram story saying that “blood doesn’t make you family.” Keen fans think it has to do with the alleged feud Gorga and his sister Giudice have had

DailyMail.com saw Giudice, 50, and Ruelas, 46, arrive shortly after noon on Friday for a run through the closely guarded ceremony. Giudice wore a white Chanel tank top paired with a thigh-length skirt decorated with ruffles, her husband-to-be wore white shorts and a white T-shirt

Another said: “Teresa uses what are known as her ‘foot soldiers’ – other younger or newer cast members that she lets do her dirty work for her. That’s how she looks innocent while she’s really stirring the pan.’

They described it as “a crazy situation” and the final straw for Joe whose relationship with his sibling has already been broken.

The source said, “Joe and Melissa always try to be nice with Teresa. It’s not that they don’t want her to be happy, but she’s always doing something, and in this case it was a step too far for Joe.’

DailyMail.com has also learned that Luis “Louie” Ruelas Gorga asked to be one of his groomsmen, but the Real Housewives of New Jersey alum declined when he learned that his wife would not be one of Giudice’s bridesmaids.

A source said: “He just thought it was very disrespectful and it was impossible to say ‘yes’ if Melissa wasn’t part of Teresa’s bridal party.”

Instead, the Gorgas spend their weekend relaxing at their New Jersey beach house. Melissa posted a perhaps edgy story to her Instagram Friday night in which she and friends and relatives for her part enjoyed music and dancing by their pool.

Joe then reposted the healthy photo — with the cryptic caption “blood doesn’t make you family.”

A source said: “Joe and Melissa always try to be nice with Teresa. It’s not that they don’t want her to be happy, but she’s always doing something, and in this case it was a step too far for Joe.’ Joe and Melissa are pictured here in 2018

Luis ‘Louie’ Ruelas asked Gorga to be one of his groomsmen, but that the Real Housewives of New Jersey alum declined when he learned that his wife would not be one of Giudice’s bridesmaids

DailyMail.com can also reveal that the Gorgas aren’t the only people snapping at Giudice’s big day.

Dina Manzo, a former homemaker, and her husband David Cantin, with whom Giudice and Ruelas were on vacation when he proposed to her, are no longer on the list of attendees.

According to a source, “Dina and Teresa had a big fight – they don’t really talk anymore, and she definitely won’t be at the wedding.”

Meanwhile, Giudice’s fight with her sister-in-law has split other cast members along the lines of Team Melissa and Team Teresa.

An insider said: ‘Let’s put it this way, there will be some who would like to party all night and then there will be others, those from Team Teresa who will be in attendance for the ceremony but have no intention of spending a minute longer. to stay. .’

The doting dad was seen with a bag of Pretzels while his son sipped a soda and caught a plush toy won on one of the rides

Cool, calm, composed: Luis showed no signs of nervousness as the clock ticked to marry New Jersey housewife Teresa Giudice

While Gorga was spotted shopping, Luis Ruelas took a moment today to relax at the fair with his son and to share exclusively with DailyMail.com that he is ‘winning big’.

Ruelas, 46, took a walk to Middlesex County Fair, which was held across the street from the Grand Chateau hotel where he and his bride-to-be stayed Friday night, along with several members of their bridal party.

With a hug, won at the fair, in his hand, when DailyMail.com asked how he felt about his marriage, he said, ‘I’m winning a lot today!’

Ruelas wore a trey tank and white shorts for his short lunchtime excursion and smiled and waved as he walked back to the hotel on Park Chateau Estate where his wedding will take place Saturday night.

Huge floral arrangements of white rhododendrons and roses were delivered shortly after noon as preparations for the highly anticipated wedding began.

Exclusive to DailyMail.com, real life Miami housewife Alexia Nepola, who attends the wedding with her husband Todd, said how happy she is for her boyfriend Giudice.

She said, ‘I believe in love and I know this is true love. I’m very happy for her.’

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