Country classic “Boate Azul” will win a movie

The film will be directed by João Gabriel Kowalski and will tell the story of the nightclub that really existed and was in the north of Paraná.

“Love sick, I looked for medicine in the nightlife” – The beginning of the classic sertanejo composed by Benedito Seviero and immortalized by the duo Bruno and Marrone, “Boate Azul”, is a staple in the Brazilian repertoire. Now, the song will have a movie adaptation directed by João Gabriel Kowalski, who signs the script with Gustavo Gerard and Luísa Guanabara. In a tragicomedy style, the project was selected for the Franco Brasileiro Screenplay Laboratory of the Varilux Festival.

The plot features three characters whose lives are transformed in a bachelor party, inside the nightclub itself; the owner of the establishment, a faithful religious, a beautiful girl who becomes a dancer against her husband’s wishes, and a man who discovers that he is being betrayed on the eve of his wedding. However, a surprising event on the day of the event puts everything in jeopardy: the death of the pope.

“The film talks about the two lives that every human being has: the one we have and the one we pretend to have”, says director João Gabriel Kowalski, who reveals that he called musicians to participate in the project, “The nightclub really existed and it was in the north from Paraná, so we invited César Menotti and Fabiano, who have a history in the region. They were on board right away, and it’s going to be really cool to have them on board this project,” he concludes.

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