João Gomes travels to Paris and signs his first international contract of his career

The musician is in one of his best phases, after singing at Rock In Rio and releasing a DVD

João Gomes, one of the most promising artists today, is in one of the best moments of his career. After recording a DVD that marked the history of Recife, last month, and performing for the first time at Rock In Rio, one of the biggest festivals in the world, the singer is ready to start a new phase, without leaving his essence aside.

The Pernambuco native is about to land in France to sign a worldwide contract with the music distributor Belive, which will be exclusively responsible for publicizing the artist’s works. The partnership represents the recognition of Northeastern music and the joint strength of the offices that manage the artist’s career, Top Eventos, Tapajós Produções and the distributor.

“It is an honor to be the first Brazilian artist to sign a contract at Belive’s world headquarters in Paris. I remember the first shows and today I reached Europe, incredible to look back and remember all the effort and achievements I had”, says João.

In the script and by invitation, the singer will also visit the world headquarters of Deezer, a global music streaming platform, a long-time partner, and will also perform a pocket show at the company, with his great hits such as “Meu Pedaço de Pecado”, ” I have the password”, “Dengo”, “Se for amor”, “Aquelas Coisas”, among other successes, marking with a golden key his passage through the ‘City of Light’.

In time: João Gomes released the song “Eu tem a Senha” and “Meu Cafofo” on all digital platforms. The songs open the works of the DVD “Acredite”, recorded in August of this year, at Marco Zero, in Recife. The tracks have already arrived accompanied by a video clip on João’s Youtube channel.

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