Meet Lars wienand Twitter – Get Whole Detail

In this blog, we are going to talk about Lars Wienand, known for being associated with Germany’s largest news portal, online. It was trending on the internet after his tweet on his official Twitter account. Subsequently, the tweet went viral and people started searching about it. Internet users also seem curious to know more about him. So keep reading to find out everything we’ve collected about Lars’ personal and professional life.

Who is Lars Wien and Twitter?

Lars Wienand is a journalist by profession and comes from Berlin/Westerwald. He worked as senior research director at It is the largest news portal in Germany, owned and published by the multi-channel digital media company Ströer. Lars had also worked at the Rhein-Zeitung. Being active on social networking sites, you can easily find it in the main identifiers. His official verified Twitter account has over 36,600 followers at the time of writing. He joined Mango in January 2009.

In one of his tweets, Lars Wienand Drachenlord wrote: “Dragon Lord Rainer Winkler could also receive a suspended sentence today. But what if a prison sentence without parole is handed down again?”

Lars Wien and Twitter

Lars Wienand was trending after his tweet on his Twitter account. We have already provided the link to your official ID in case you were wondering. We’ll keep you posted with more clues, so be sure to follow our website.

In addition to Twitter, you can also find it on other social networks such as Instagram. At the same Lars has more than 600 followers.

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