My Hero Academia 365, the courage of a wounded animal: can the devil also suffer?

My Hero Academia 365, the courage of a wounded animal: can the devil also suffer?

The final battle of My Hero Academia proceeds with no holds barred, but after the initial advantage it is now the Heroes who suffer the fury of the Villain. As Endeavor faces All For One at the height of its might, and Shoto fights the return of Dabi, it is the battlefield of Shigaraki that worries and dominates the scene of chapter 365.

The story continues from the decision to sacrifice that professional hero of My Hero Academia. With its Quirk: Foldabody, Edegshot becomes as thin and small as a suture needle and begins to operate the innards of Bakugo’s body, killed by the last body of Shigaraki / All For One. In the process, the Ninja Hero could die.

When the Villain realizes what is happening behind him, determined to stop the heroes No. 4 and No. 5 of the ranking, he launches into the attack, only to be stopped by the timely intervention of Mirko. The bunny is in merciless conditions, but still manages to deliver one of her powerful kicks to Shigaraki, who for some strange reason feels the blow.

Although Mirko’s other arm is also ripped off, the heroine continues to fight showing all her courage and tenacity. In a head-on confrontation, with Lemillion rushing to the rescue covering the eyes of the enemy, now distracted by her thoughts, Mirko finally hits with his Luna Rush.

My Hero Academia 365 is a succession of hope and massacre, of the strong emotions that push Tomura to rethink his past. Little Tenko and the Shimura family seem to resurface within the body that All For One craved for itself.

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