Nurse, 28, And Aunt, 60, Are Killed With Their Driver After Their Jeep Plunged Over A Cliff Edge

An aunt and niece were killed along with their tour driver when their jeep fell off the edge of a cliff Monday on a notoriously challenging trail in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains.

Tourists Diana Robles, 28, and Ofelia Figueroa-Perez, 60, of Yuma, Arizona, and hired driver Don Fehd, 72, all died when their 2022 Jeep Gladiator tumbled over the edge of Ouray County Road 361, also known as Camp Bird Road. around noon on September 12.

The jeep, en route to Ouray from the Yankee Boy Basin area, drifted off the road and immediately plunged 30 meters to the bottom, before rolling 140 meters down a rocky bank and finally coming to rest on its roof. near the bank of Canyon Creek.

Fehd in the passenger seat was thrown from the vehicle, while the bodies of Robles and Figueroa-Perez were still found in their seats, police said.

Shortly before the fatal crash, Robles had reportedly taken a photo of the iconic Imogene Pass, according to the New York Post.

It was the area’s second fatal crash in a week, killing another Arizona resident and injuring his wife when their ATV rolled hundreds of feet near Imogene Pass, the Daily Press reported.

Diana Robles, 28, was killed when her rented jeep plunged into a cliff around noon on Sept. 12 as she took Colorado's challenging Camp Bird Road.

Diana Robles, 28, was killed when her rented jeep plunged into a cliff around noon on Sept. 12 as she took Colorado’s challenging Camp Bird Road.

Robles was riding with her aunt, Ofelia Figueroa-Perez, 60, who also died in the crash

Camp Bird Road is a completely unmade ‘narrow picturesque mountain road’, according to Dangerous Roads, and those who venture on it must have ‘four wheel drive and no fear of heights’

The incident occurred at County Road 361 (Camp Bird Road) near milestone 3.1 in southwestern Colorado’s Ouray County.

Robles and Figueroa-Perez, niece and aunt who both worked as nurses at Yuma Regional Medical Center, had gone to the Colorado mountains for a getaway.

“We are short of words and in disbelief,” family member Diana Figueroa wrote on Facebook.

“We know they are in the merciful hands of our Lord because as nurses they themselves had healing hands in every life they touched.”

Fehd was described as “quirky and genuine” with guests climbing into his jeep by Jeff Lindberg, the owner of the tour company.

Robles and Figueroa-Perez had rented the Jeep and Fehd as part of a tour with Colorado West Jeep Rentals and Tours.

According to State Patrol Trooper Josh Lewis, alcohol, drugs, weather and speed were not suspicious factors in the incident, with both customers wearing their seat belts.

It is not known whether Fehd was also wearing his seat belt.

Camp Bird Road is a totally unmade ‘narrow picturesque mountain road’, according to Dangerous roadsand those who venture into it should have ‘four-wheel drive and no fear of heights’.

The vehicle in question was a white 2022 Jeep Gladiator rented from Colorado West Jeep Rentals and Tours (file photo)

It’s home to the iconic Imogene Pass, a mountain pass 13,000 feet above sea level — and the second-highest motorable pass in Colorado — that Robles was said to have photographed.

“The route requires 100 percent concentration,” Dangerous Roads says, and has a 15 mph speed limit.

Cathleen Wolff, chaplain and spiritual care manager at Yuma Regional Medical Center, paid tribute to her two lost colleagues.

“Our YRMC family is in shock and colleagues deeply mourn the sudden loss,” she said.

“Losing two beautiful caretakers is a huge loss. The pain we feel as an organization is immeasurable.’

The cause of the crash is under investigation, with the Colorado State Patrol seeking information from members of the public.

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