Where was Whitebeard born? The revelation of the island of ONE PIECE

Where was Whitebeard born? The revelation of the island of ONE PIECE

It has long been in ONE PIECE that Eiichiro Oda revealed Whitebeard’s origins. The pirate, a former member of the Rocks crew along with Kaido and Big Mom, who later became emperor, was born in the New World and this particular island was under his protection and economic supply and beyond. But the name of the place was never revealed.

What is the name of the island where Whitebeard was born? The revelation came in ONE PIECE 1059, one of the very latest chapters published by Eiichiro Oda on Weekly Shonen Jump. One of the narrative texts that appeared in the phases in which Marco returns to this island confirms the name Sphinx, or Sphinx. The name is desired in English by Oda himself, who in fact wrote it in Katakana as ス フ ィ ン ク ス (Sufinkusu), hence the Anglo-Saxon pronunciation of the word sphinx.

The name is no coincidence, as there are several sphinxes on this island that live like domesticated animals. Now the island is under the Marco’s protection and it is neither an island affiliated with the World Government nor an island of revolutionaries, moreover it is very poor and small and can count on few resources. One day this could become a battleground due to Edward Weevil, as Whitebeard diverted many resources to the welfare of his native island.

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