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Spoiler Can I Move Like This Shuumatsu No Valkyrie Manhwa Manga 66

For the manhwa Can I Even Move Like This The Shuumatsu No Valkyrie 66 Manhwa manga that revolves around two sides has been revealed.

They are both scientists and the upcoming battle will be a science battle.

Where, they will test their experimental tools. Huang will win the seventh round. With this victory, the man now leads with a score of 4-3.

Huang and Alvito were both seriously injured but they would survive.

Then after the fight, Huang fell unconscious and was taken to a medical facility.

Then there was a detailed explanation of how Huang was able to destroy the ‘Desmos’. Kojiro Sasaki and the others.

Finding that Alvito was the key behind Huang’s victory compared to his strength level.

Huang and Hades are the same. The Greek gods were angry and Zeus regretted that he should have talked more with his brother.

Brunhilde looked at Huang and alvito and then he went to Buddha but Adamas appeared with a serious face. Adamas then attacks Hide but is stopped by Beelzebub.

Buddha ran away from the hospital and was seen flying under a tree. Kintoki Sakata appears and Buddha calls him Kin-chan who explains that they know each other.

Then Buddha made a request and Kintoki agreed.

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