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Mayday: Air Disasters

By its title we know what awaits us in these episodes. “Mayday: air catastrophes” tells us all kinds of recent accidents, fatal flights full of tension that will be told through recreations faithful to reality, of testimonies of survivors, recordings, interviews… Some of the worst aeronautical accidents told in one of the most mythical National Geographic docuseries. Although there are 23 seasons and more than 240 episodes in total, on Disney + we can only see about seven seasons.

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May Day

the 2000

If you are interested in history, this is one of the best National Geographic docuseries for review a decade full of changes, of tragedies, of decisions. From the invasion of Iraq to the 2004 tsunami, these four 45-minute episodes they seek to recount “a decade of tumultuous years that changed the world.” With witnesses, experts and all kinds of celebrities interviewed we can take a tour of ten years of changes.

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the 2000

9/11 One Day In America

On September 11, 2001 changed the world. A day that made history not only in the United States but throughout the world. And to commemorate it, National Geographic released this docuseries twenty years later. A docuseries of six episodes in total which has testimonies from witnesses and survivors but also from high-ranking officers and officials who did their best to save as many people as possible on a tragic day. From the first impact to the last rescue, the series tells us everything that happened with images, exclusive and unique interviews, with recreations.

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One day in America

North Korea with Michael Palin

Michael Palin traveled 2,000 kilometers through North Korea to get a unique documentary series in a country full of secrets. Two 45-minute parts in a docuseries that we can watch as a single film and that will tell us historical and never-before-seen moments of North Korean life in a place full of unknowns, mysteries and secrecy.

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North Korea

Cosmos: Other Worlds

If you like space, “Cosmos: Other Worlds” is one of the great essentials on this list, taking you through all kinds of worlds, throughout the galaxy. It will help us to know more about all those who researched and theorized about space, about scientists and about “lost worlds and worlds that are yet to be discovered by science. A docuseries full of special effects and incredible animations.

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engineering connections

Richard Hammond is in charge of guiding us through the episodes of “Engineering Connections” to tell us some of the most advanced projects in the world, large engineering projects that demonstrate advances in technology such as super-skyscrapers, super-telescopes… Although we must bear in mind that the docuseries is from 2008, so some of the great advances in engineering may seem obsolete or improvable today.

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engineering connections

The world according to Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum walks us through this Disney+ and National Geographic original docuseries telling us all about all kinds of interesting topics for the whole family. Everything about ice cream, about sneakers, about jeans, about tattoos, about video games, about a barbecue… Independent episodes lasting half an hour in which he accompanies us through an entertaining journey suitable for all ages. public.

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Curious but true!

If you want a National Geographic docuseries to watch with children, “Curious but true” is one of the better options because science will show us from an entertaining and entertaining point of view for the smallest of the house. With all kinds of attractive themes for boys and girls, Charlie and Carly explain it to us in 25 minutes with accessible language. Dinosaurs, agriculture, photography, trains, astronauts and much more in these thirteen episodes of less than half an hour to learn as a family.

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funny but true

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