Drake Trolls YouTube Music Critic Over Fake DMs

YouTuber Anthony Fantano has best been recognized for his video music surveys, however presently he’s turning into recognized for working up a battle with Drake.

Fantano as of late shared some nasty DMs he obtained from Drake, who cleverly savaged Fantano after he gave a video he named “Drake Slid Into My DMs”, guaranteeing that Drake had despatched him DMs — which Fantano had clearly faked — along with, amongst completely various factors, a recipe for vegetarian treats.

On Thursday night time time, Drake took to digital leisure to share quite a lot of actual DMs he’d despatched Fantano, exhibiting them on his Instagram Stories.

“Your reality is a light 1. Furthermore, the 1 is cause you are alive,” Drake composed, alluding to Fantano’s surveys, which cost collections on a dimension of 1 to 10.

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“What’s more, cause you some way or another wifed a Person of color. I’m feeling a light to good 1 on your reality,” Drake added.

Drake options Anthony Fantano and uncovered the Genuine DMs he despatched Anthony 😳

“Your reality is a light 1” pic.twitter.com/RKyzOS5esS

— Kurrco (@Kurrco) September 16, 2022

While Drake implied his messages as a diss, Fantano was plainly delighting inside the consideration when he later confirmed up on Instagram Live.

“Basically what happened is that for some mysterious reason to me, Drake was in his sentiments, as he will in general be,” Fantano acknowledged, listening to that he obtained a DM demand from Drake that he portrayed as “somewhat of a diss… a pungent little DM. It was very miserable and sad.”

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He added, “This man is comfortable enough with me to know my rating framework, which is somewhat odd. Appears to be somewhat fixated.”

Fantano saved on going after Drake. “For this reason he has professional writers. Since this is the nature of affront when you get when that man is working solo dolo. In the event that I needed a decent affront in my inbox, he would have needed to have paid another person to come in and do it,” he acknowledged.

Later in his video, Fantano boasted about teasing Drake into answering him. “Oh please, you released your own DMs onto the web. That is miserable. That is lamentable. I don’t have 1,000,000 supporters. How would you let me get under your skin like that?” he acknowledged.

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“No worries against Drake,” he accomplished up. “I think Drake generally is a craftsman who has made a few extraordinary tracks. He’s had a few extraordinary records drop… He has a great deal of fabulous hits… He has a ton of tracks and records that I could do without and that I could do without. It’s a reach.”

Fantano likewise shared his merriment on Twitter.

That bitch shared the pungent ass DM to larger than 100 million folks. 😂😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/2V86NTPnkw

— anthony “light 1” fantano (@theneedledrop) September 16, 2022

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