In Toronto: Life Story & Basketball at the Park [Belle Delphine]

In Toronto: Life Story & Basketball at the Park [Belle Delphine]

I briefly go over my life story in the video

I will provide a tl;dr at the end

So i drove to Toronto today; Friday, September 16, 2022.

I talk about the people in my life, Go through my old area in Toronto including St. Nicholas of Bari on Rogers street.

I also go through my dead aunties family in the area.

I play basketball, sprint, play soccer, do prison excersises, and climb a tree :).

The other videos will be uploaded soon.

Hopefully this doesn’t delete.

Keep in mind, these videos are for family,



Mike Garber


From worldstar.

I consider them my internet nikkaz.

Even though im Spanish and should be saying that, lol.

I will try to provide timestamps in the comment section.

You can contact me at:

Facebook: Miguel Angel Narvaez Moreta

Tiktok: MiguelAngelNarvae36 (There is no Z, to avoid future bans. narvaE.)

Instagram: MiguelAngelNarvaez1

Please send this to MTV: The Real World.
I already got on, it was swell

Its all yours my friend 🙂

Take care guys and God bless.

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