Poonam Pandey Flaunts In Pink Bodycon Dress, See Bold Pictures

Bollywood actress and one of the hottest model in the industry Poonam Pandey shared some of her boldest pictures on social media. The pictures are getting viral on all over the internet, firing the camera. Watch out Poonam Pandey’s latest pictures below.

Kangana Ranaut’s LockUpp show star Poonam Pandey once again fired up the internet with her sizzling photos. She can be seen curly hair, black kitty make up on, wearing pink color tight bodycon dress in which she is looking just so sexxxy. You should check out her latest pictures.

Here are Poonam Pandey’s latest pictures:

Source: twitter.com/iPoonampandey
Source: twitter.com/iPoonampandey
Source: twitter.com/iPoonampandey

Last time, Poonam Pandey made a bold entry with her sizzling performance setting the stage on “Lock Upp” Kangana Ranaut show, which can be available for streaming now on Altbalaji and free on MXPlayer.

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