The 5 best bike desks of 2022

Specs: Weight capacity: 300 lbs | Dimensions: 28 x 16 x 45 inches | Item weight: 45 lbs | Height range: 4’10” to 6’6″ | Number of resistance levels: 8

This bike desk not only has a massage bar built-in for your arms, but also comes with resistance bands under the seat so that you can do an upper body workout while cycling. The possibilities abound with a FitDesk 3.0. The machine is marketed as quiet and reliable, so whether you’re working out or working on your laptop, or both at the same time, you won’t be bothered. If you like listening to music, you can store your earphones in the desk’s storage tray. This tray is impressive because it doubles as support for a tablet or small computer, so you can cycle hands-free and maybe even incorporate those included resistance bands into your workout. 

The desk measures 16″ W x 19″ L and has a non-slip, soft-grip surface. It allows you to read a book, watch a tutorial, or get some work done, with the option to be hands-free. The compact machine is relatively light and foldable, and it’s made of aluminum and steel instead of plastic. 

One thing that this bike desk shares with others on this list is that it has eight resistance levels, so you can adjust your workout to suit your physical limitations and comfort. The beach cruiser seat can be adjusted depending on height, and the built-in performance meter tracks your cycling mileage, calories burned, and distance. 

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