This $59 Anker MagSafe Charger Offers Something Apple Doesn’t


  • Good price, especially when compared to Apple chargers
  • Foldable kickstand good for multi-tasking
  • Light and easy to hold on the go
  • Can charge your device while the charger is charging


  • Not ideal for “fast charging”
  • The charger itself will take a while to fully charge
  • Either buy a MagSafe case or take out your current case to use
  • Not compatible with iPhone 12 or 13 mini

Ever since Apple introduced MagSafe, wireless charging on iPhones has never been the same. With just one quick tap on the back, all your battery worries will disappear.

As someone who’s always been curious about portable wireless chargers and has an iPhone magically discounted at lunchtime by 50%, the new Anker of 622 MagSafe battery bank Couldn’t have come at a better time.

In addition to being able to fully charge your iPhone, the MagSafe-compatible charger also features a collapsible kickstand to prop your phone up. You know, for those times when you’re running low on battery but need to FaceTime your family before work or enjoy the latest installment of Bachelorette? Only me? Okay.

I tested the latest charger, ran errands on the busy streets of NYC, and put the $59 accessory to the ultimate endurance test. This is an account of my overall experience and why I think it’s unquestionable if you’re an iPhone user too.

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4.13 X 2.62 X 0.5 inches


5 ounces

Battery capacity

5,000 mAh


5 volts

Magnetic attachment

9N (900 g)



Charging port

USB-C or Lightning


iPhone 12 or later (except mini), MagSafe-compatible AirPods and cases

Color Blue, black, white, purple and green



Designed with portability in mind

One of my favorite aspects about the Anker MagSafe charger is its sleek look. It’s not bulky or flooded with extra cables that I have to keep track of. Although it comes with a USB-C cable, I have no need to use it because wireless charging is reliable enough. The charger takes up a large portion of the back of my iPhone but is compact enough to feel like I’m wearing a larger case and not some electronic brick. Even on the commute, when most of the on-the-go charging is done, I felt comfortable enough holding the duo in my hand or in my pocket.

That said, I was also impressed by the strength of the MagSafe magnets. The charger only attached to the back of my phone and never let. That is unless you drop your device, such as the height of a desk, or force the two to be separated.


Christina Darby / ZDNET

I will say that to test the charger I had to get a MagSafe case as it was not compatible with my original iPhone 12 Pro case. So, if you haven’t used a MagSafe certified case, it would be smart to invest in one – for the sake of charging and protection. If you’re adventurous, you can also pair your iPhone carelessly with an Anker charger, as long as the iPhone 12 or later and not the mini model. Note that MagSafe chargers will not protect your phone from bumps and cracks and Not an alternative to a case.

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Multifaceted for multi-taskers

This is where I think Anker’s product really sets itself apart from Apple MagSafe Battery Pack: foldable stand. On the outside of the charger is a flat, foldable kickstand that forms a triangular stand. In this mode, you can place iPhone in portrait or landscape orientation to scroll or watch videos.

I used the kickstand as a way to charge my phone while watching videos when I was getting ready for work in the morning. It also comes in handy when I need to FaceTime my family while booking a flight on vacation and my iPhone is running low on battery. I even put my iPhone next to me when I work, just in case there’s an important notification, email, or message.


The foldable stand is a welcome feature.

Christina Darby / ZDNET

What I really appreciate about the stand feature is that it is seamlessly integrated and convenient to use. That is, it doesn’t look like an “add-on” that Anker integrated at the last minute to make its product stand out. You can say that the kickstand is designed to be practical and practical for most situations where your phone’s battery drains, from Facetiming, playing videos or just scrolling through news slides and Endless posts.

Another design feature that contributes to the user-friendliness and practicality of the Anker charger is the four lights that indicate the battery level, so you will never be blindsided if the charger emits on you. Naturally, the fewer blinking lights, the less battery the charger has.


The LED at the bottom indicates the battery level of the charger.

Christina Darby / ZDNET

Charging time and battery life

As with most portable chargers, you still have to charge the battery pack itself. I found it took several hours – about six hours – to fully charge the device. As for actual battery life, it all depends on how often and what you’re charging. In my experience with the iPhone 12 Pro, the Anker 622 can last about two and a half days before it needs to be recharged.


Anker’s 622 charger in action.

Christina Darby / ZDNET

However, the brick is not a good “fast charger” that will significantly increase your phone’s battery life in minutes. For my morning routine, which includes checking maps and messages and listening to podcasts, the Anker charger is enough to maintain my existing battery level. So by the time I get to the office, I usually only have about 88-91% battery left instead of having dropped to the 70s or 60s.

Key point

If you are looking for a portable charger that is definitely not too bulky, will free you up any charging cables and can act as a kickstand, then the Anker 622 is the best choice for you. Your iPhone won’t charge as quickly as it does when plugged into a Lightning cable, but the convenience factor alone can give you the MagSafe accessory.

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Christina Darby / ZDNET

Alternatives to consider

Besides the Anker 622 MagSafe charger, here are the best alternatives to also consider.

Although more expensive, Apple’s MagSafe case is slightly lighter and thinner than Anker’s and To be Compatible with iPhone 12 and 13 mini. It doesn’t have a kickstand, but it does have a reliable, magnetic snap that gives your iPhone plenty of support and adds up to 60% more battery life.

This $39 option from Belkin is perfect for MagSafe-compatible iPhones, old and new. Although there is no stand, this charger is compact and reliable enough for users on the go.

This Mophie charger has a 5,000mAh battery and is sleek. But for just $49.99, you can double your iPhone battery for less than Anker or Apple products.

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