Who was the man arrested after he approached Queen Elizabeth’s coffin from a line of mourners at Westminster Hall

A man has been arrested after he approached Queen Elizabeth’s coffin from a line of mourners at Westminster Hall.

He was arrested under the Public Order Act and remanded in custody, the Metropolitan Police said. The incident at Parliament took place at around 10pm BST on Friday night, the force said in a statement. Live video of the Queen lying in state was briefly interrupted during the incident.

Man Arrested For Approaching Queen Elizabeth’s Coffin

Queen Elizabeth's Coffin

Man Arrested For Approaching Queen Elizabeth’s Coffin

A statement from Scotland Yard said: “At around 10pm on Friday 16 September, officers from the Met’s Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command detained a man in Westminster Hall following a disturbance.”

A spokesman for Parliament said: “We are aware of an incident at Westminster Hall where a member of the public moved from the queue towards the hearse.

“They have now been removed from the hall and the queue has resumed with minimal disruption.

Earlier in the evening, the King was joined by siblings Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward for a vigil in the hall.

Man Arrested For Approaching Queen Elizabeth's Coffin

David Beckham rejected the opportunity to skip the queue with the MP

The late Queen Elizabeth II. he will lie in state at Westminster Hall until the day of his funeral on Monday. Former English footballer David Beckham yesterday rejected the opportunity to skip the queue with the MP.

Beckham was seen shedding a tear as he approached the Queen’s coffin yesterday afternoon after enduring a 13-hour queue with other members of the public. An emotional former England captain bowed his head as he paid his respects to Her Majesty as he joined the queue at 2am on Friday.

But it has since emerged that he could have jumped ahead with the MP, who had the right – like their peers – to invite four guests.

Beckham turned down the offer, saying his grandfather Joseph West – a staunch royalist and a man the footballer called his “real-life hero” – would be disappointed.

A source said: ‘David could have avoided all the queues but he wanted to be like everyone else. He said his grandfather wouldn’t jump in line, so neither would he. He had been thinking all week about the best time to go and finally decided on this morning.

“David was brought up in an East End family who were real royalists – the kind who stood to attention when the national anthem was played. He wanted to go to the Queen like any other member of the public.’

Queue for recumbent viewing is nearing full capacity again as mourners are urged not to travel.

The accessibility queue is already closed and the public has been told it won’t reopen until Saturday at noon.

But now all queues may soon be closed as mourners continue to arrive in droves at Southwark Park despite warnings of a 25-hour wait.

Queues were closed for several hours on Friday as Southwark Park – the end of the line – reached full capacity.

And the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has now suggested it could happen again, with mourners told to avoid travel.

BBC introduces tape delay for lying on state news after garda collapse earlier in the week.

Royal experts have claimed the BBC decided to introduce a slight tape delay after the guard surrounding the Queen’s coffin collapsed earlier this week.

BBC cameras cut time last night to prevent viewers from seeing the moment a man tried to grab the Queen’s coffin.

The man who was arrested is said to have rushed to the coffin at around 10pm, but cameras caught the outside of the Palace of Westminster at the moment.

On Thursday, onlookers were horrified when the guard began to sway on his feet moments before collapsing.

The man briefly stepped off the stage before returning to his seat as more soldiers joined him for the exchange.

Seconds later, however, he blacked out and fell forward, landing sprawled on the stone floor to loud gasps from passers-by queuing to pay their respects.

The live stream was also interrupted for several minutes as police officers rushed to help the man.


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