Trump Tells Blake Masters How to Lie About 2020 Election Fraud – Rolling Stone

“If you want to get across the line, you need to be stronger on that one thing,” the ex-president tells Blake Masters in a clip from Tucker Carlson’s new documentary

Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters paces around his home, cell phone in hand, the call set to speaker for the benefit of the camera. “If you want to get across the line, you need to be stronger on that one thing,” instructs former President Donald Trump, “look at Kari [Lake],” he continues. “If they say, ‘How is your family?’ She says, ‘The election was rigged & stolen.’”

“I don’t think I went soft on the election,” Masters says when he hangs up the call.

The footage is from a Fox Nation documentary produced by Tucker Carlson. The clip depicts a phone call between Masters, who is facing off against Democratic incumbent Mark Kelly for a seat in the Senate, and Trump, in the aftermath of a debate held earlier this month between the candidates. 

During the debate, Masters stated that he hadn’t seen any evidence of irregularities in vote counts and election results indicating the election had been “stolen” or “rigged,” instead blaming Big Tech and agencies like the FBI for Trump’s election loss. 

Arizona remains a sore spot for the former president, who lost the state by a narrow margin in 2020, and whose allies worked to embroil the state in speculation and conspiracy regarding unproven allegations of voter fraud and election theft. 

Trump has already indicated he plans to challenge the results of the 2022 November midterms. Sources familiar with a series of meetings hosted by Trump tell Rolling Stone that the former president and his allies are gearing up to level challenges to election results, using Trump’s 2020 election night victory declaration as a blueprint.  

Masters is currently trialing Kelly by about four points in polling averages. Masters has previously stated his belief that there were “irregularities” in the 2020 election, and has expressed his support for Sens. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Ted Cruz’s (R-Tex.) objection to the certification of Electoral College votes in Jan. 2021. 

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