Two comets amazingly swallowed by the Sun captured LIVE by NASA’s SOHO spacecraft

The NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft captured two “sungrazer” comets swallowed by the sun. More than 4000 pieces of Kreutz have fallen into the Sun.

NASA recently shared footage of two comets crashing into Sun on Saturday. The halo image was captured by the Solar and Heliospheric (SOHO) spacecraft, launched by NASA and the European Space Agency in 1995. The footage shows two comets “Kreutz sungrazer” heading towards the sun. which then gobbled up the giant star. However, a closer look at the coronagraph shows that the comet is followed by a smaller companion. Karl Battams of WE The Naval Research Laboratory shared the same via a tweet. He wrote, “Yesterday morning’s comet turned out to have a smaller, leading companion. This is not particularly common – I estimate that at least 30% of the really bright delights we see at SOHO/LASCO end up with a small companion taking the lead or following. after. ”

Weather. com shared that the comets are thought to have been vaporized by the sun’s scorching temperatures of up to 5,778 K, or 9,941°F.

Kreutz is a group of comets with very similar orbits that fall into the sun. They are all thought to have come from a precursor comet that broke apart, forming thousands of smaller comet fragments.

“What makes Kreutz comet What’s unusual is that they all orbit the same (or very close), so we think they’re fragments of a parent comet that broke up earlier,” said Tabare Gallardo, an astronomer. at the Universidad de la República in Uruguay, told Newsweek.

Since this comet is thought to be a precursor to the Kreutz fig leaves, scientists estimate that the comet could be more than 75 miles in diameter.

Since its launch in 1995, SOHO has tracked more than 4000 pieces of Kreutz falling to the Sun.

Other bright comets related to the Kreutz fig leaves include the Great Comet of 1843, the Great Comet of 1882, and X/1106 C1.

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