Who is Mikaela Testa? A TikTok star has slammed a controversial Indonesian dog meat market video

Who is Mikaela Testa? A TikTok star has slammed a controversial Indonesian dog meat market video

TikToker Mikaela Testa received a huge backlash on the video-sharing platform after she uploaded a controversial video of her trip to an Indonesian market.

The 22-year-old recently traveled to Indonesia. During her stay in the country, she shared a video of her trying different types of animal meat, which sparked outrage among netizens.

Mikaela is known for her travel and lifestyle videos. In the now-deleted video, Testa revealed that she visited a “top secret” market that sold all kinds of meat, including monkey, rabbit, crocodile, rat, frog and dog meat. She said the experience was traumatic:

“They actually had dog meat — they had monkey, they had everything.
The influencer also revealed that she was not allowed to film at the market because the organization had previously tried to shut the place down. She stated that salespeople were “very skeptical” of her.

Those who saw the video relentlessly criticized the TikToker for uploading a video of her tasting different types of meat. One of the comments under the now-deleted video read:

All about Mikaela Testa, the TikToker who was attacked online for her meat market video

Mikaela Testa

The Australian native is an influencer best known on TikTok, where she has amassed a massive following of 2.2 million thanks to her travel-related posts. The content creator has also garnered a massive following of 491k on Instagram, where she mostly uploads photos from her travels.

Testa first gained huge popularity after dressing up as Jasmine from the Disney movie, Aladdin.

She also came under fire in 2020 after revealing that she spends $1.4 million a year. She then went on to advocate for her lifestyle on TikTok.

Her relationship with fellow influencer Atis Paul also gained attention on social media in the year. However, the duo called it quits earlier this year.

Mikaela Testa slams Netizens, apologizes for video

In her now-deleted TikTok video, Mikaela showed her manager and herself tasting different types of meat, including rat and crocodile meat. The duo spoke of the “distinct smell” the dishes had. They were also seen scrunching up their noses and gagging at one of the meaty items.

Netizens who saw the video called out the content creator, saying she should never have shared her experience. Many pointed out that the video was “problematic”. A few comments below the now-deleted video read:

After garnering backlash on her TikTok account, Mikaela Testa uploaded another TikTok video apologizing for her actions. The influencer also expressed that she had no intention of “disrespecting anyone’s culture.” Testa said in the video:

“I definitely wasn’t thinking straight and I shouldn’t have posted that video and I’m very sorry for that… I knew there would be monkey meat because Indonesians eat it, it’s common.” I don’t agree with it, but I would never disrespect someone’s culture.

Many critics also claimed that Testa knew the market sold dog meat before entering the location. However, in the video, the influencer clarified that she “had no idea” and emphasized that she “would never have gone to this market” if she had known about the dog meat in advance. Follow

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