6 Best Primeplay Web Series To Watch With Actress Names

Primeplay app has been launched recently and became one of the not-notch local OTT content providers. The app gained popularity by providing content-driven web series that peaks the audience’s interest. While, the Primeplay app will continue to provide a plethora of content across genres, here look at some of the best Prime play web series released so far.

Primeplay hit the mark with six best web series by casting already popular and in-demand actresses. Here, we curated the complete list of Prime play web series with actress name and photos.

1. Charamyog Web Series – Primeplay App

The first web series on Primeplay app was Charamyog. The web series revolves around unique custom in the village where women chose their life partner by testing their manhood and capacity. Charamyog web series cast Aayushi Jaiswal, Manvi Chugh, and Neha Gupta in lead roles.

2. Paglet  – Primeplay App

Primeshots second web series was titled Paglet that revolves around a man who is crazy about women’s chest. The web series is story driven where female protagonist tries to expose the truth behind his craziness. Paglet web series cast Jayshree Gaikwad and Rajni Mehta.

3. Vasu Web Series – Primeplay App

Primeplay did something unimaginable when they brought the story of a young Casanova on their app. Vasu web series revolves around a young college boy who somehow gets girls and women around him. The web series cast popular OTT actresses such as Riddhima Tiwari, Rajsi Verma, and Maahi Khan in key roles.

Vasu Web Series Watch Online Full Episodes on Primeplay

4 Pehredaar Web Series – Primeplay App

Primeplay gave the audience constant tease with Pehredaar Web Series. The story revolves around a unique custom where father-in-law took husband’s place in the absence of husband. Pehredaar web series cast Shyna Khatri, Neha Gupta, and Jayshree Gaikwad in lead roles.

(2022) Pehredaar Web Series Watch Online All Episodes On Primeplay

5. Paglet 2 Web Series – Primeplay App

Paglet 2 web series explore another story that revolves around a mental patient addicted to women’s chest. However, the storyline shifts from house to mental asylum. Paglet 2 web series cast Shyna Khatri, Hiral Radadiya, and Rajni Mehta in lead roles.

Watch Paglet Part 2 Web Series Episodes Online On Primeplay

6. Jhol Jhal Web Series – Primeplay App

Primeplay brought a situational comedy web series titled Jhol Jhal. The web series revolves around 3 bachelors who cross-dressed in order to get cheap stays and lot of helps from the society. However, things took different turns when men started gawking at them. Jhol Jhal web series cast Jinnie Jaaz, and Vanya Singh Rajput in lead roles.

Stay tuned for more updates about the Primeplay web series.

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