Huge emergency response after ‘youths’ seen ‘playing’ on frozen lake

Trittiford Mill Park google maps

The boys had been seen on the ice at Trittiford Mill Park in Birmingham (Picture: Google Maps)

A huge emergency response was sent out after a number of ‘youths’ were seen playing on a frozen lake.

A number of youths were said to have been seen running across the ice at the park in Yardley Wood, Birmingham, earlier this afternoon.

Three police vehicles were parked outside of the entrance to Trittiford Mill Park and there were five more emergency response teams nearby.

They included two fire appliances, a technical rescue truck, a responder vehicle and an unmarked white car with blue flashing lights on Highfield Road above the River Cole, according to Birmingham Live.

On the frozen surface of the lake itself, more than half a dozen lifebuoys could be seen scattered around, it was claimed.

The emergency team’s response came after three people had been seen on the ice on both sides of the frozen lake, according to Birmingham Live.

The incident was almost a week after emergency teams had the heartbreaking task of trying to save the lives of four young boys who had fallen into Babbs Mill Lake in Kingshurst just before 3pm on Sunday, December 11.

Only yesterday, the local community had gathered on Saturday, December 17 at 4pm to mount a vigil in their memory.

And tomorrow, an inquest will be opened into the deaths of the boys aged six, eight, ten and 11 including two brothers and their cousin.

One witness braving a bitterly cold wind to walk around Trittiford Mill Park lake told BirminghamLive: ‘I saw some youths venturing out into the lake without regard for the fact that four young boys in Kingshurst have just lost their lives.

‘I even saw one jumping up and down to see if it would crack. I don’t know what must be going through their minds.’

In a statement, West Midlands Police said: ‘We were called to Trittiford Mill Park, in Priory Road, Yardley Wood, shortly after 11am today to reports boys were playing on ice on the lake.

‘The boys had left the lake when we arrived but we identified them and offered them safety advice about the dangers of playing on ice.’

Rain has been forecast in many parts from this afternoon with the freezing temperatures of the past ten days disappearing.

Temperatures are set to climb from 3C at 3pm today to 10C by might and to 12C by 5am with a peak of 13C expected on Monday afternoon. Park lakes might still look frozen but emergency service teams will be hoping that such a rapid rise in temperatures does not tempt others to try to skate across lakes.

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