Are The Couples Still Together? Episodes, Plot and More

Love Island USA Season 1: Are The Couples Still Together? Episodes, Plot and More

‘Love Island USA,’ a dating reality series based on the same-named British reality series, debuted in July 2019. The first season of the program lasted more than five weeks and was set in an opulent villa on the island of Fiji. Due to their desire and ambition to discover their true love and win the competition together, the candidates were intensely emotional and competitive.

The first iteration was packed with action and drama, whether it was due to Zac and Elizabeth’s commitment to one another, Weston’s perseverance in finding Emily to be his ideal match, or the difficulties that every pair encounters as new Islanders join the community.

This created for exciting and captivating reality television, which was further enhanced by the difficulties and interpersonal dynamics of the cast members. Since season 1 of the show finished several years ago, it is only natural to wonder what happened to the couples on the show. Here is what we know about it in case you have the same curiosity.

Love Island USA
Love Island USA

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Love Island USA Season 1: Weston and Emily Still Together?

On the first day of the show, Weston Richey made an appearance and made an effort to connect with a few women, including Mallory, Katrina, and Kelsey.

However, after Emily Salch joined the group in episode 15, things started to change for him. Even though Weston and Kelsey were already partnered up, Emily still asked him out.

He accepted her choice and continued to compete in the rest of the show with her after she chose him at the following recoupling session. Weston and Emily came in fourth place in the finals and appeared to have a close relationship.

The couple maintained their connection despite the show’s end for a few months until splitting up in the first half of 2020. Emily confirmed the rumor by posting on her Instagram about spending Valentine’s Day alone.

She addressed their breakup in a YouTube video on May 14; she mentioned taking time off in November and January and said that they were “simply not suitable for each other.”

Weston now primarily works as a photographer and creative brand developer for video content. On Instagram and OnlyFans, where she promotes her brand and shares her trips, Emily is currently a travel content creator.

Love Island USA Season 1: Ray and Caro Still Dating?

Up to week 3, Caroline “Caro” Viehweg, who first came on the show on the first day, attempted to get together with a few guys. Then, as a recent addition, Raymond Gantt wooed her with his repeated compliments.

He approached her and expressed admiration for her and her baby voice, which astounded popular Islander Caro. They were able to spend the night in the hideaway as well, which improved their relationship.

Eventually, Caro and Ray started dating, and they remained together all the way up until the grand finale, coming in third. After that, the couple continued to get along well even after they stopped appearing together on screen.

Sadly, due to compatibility problems, Caro and Ray split up around July 2020. In a YouTube video, the former discussed their breakup and claimed that she “simply didn’t feel like he was devoted to the relationship like I was.” Ray, however, had a different viewpoint even though they split peacefully.

The reality star made the comment that Caro required more care from her partner than anybody else, but Ray was cordial with all of his friends.

Caro is now a social media influencer and a model for FashionNova. Her 25th birthday was also observed in December 2022.

Following the completion of filming, Ray became obsessed with reality TV programs like “The Amazing Race” and “Ex On The Beach.” He is presently doing well in his modeling profession and going to dental school.

Love Island USA
Love Island USA

Love Island USA Season 1: Dylan and Alexandra Still Together?

Although Alexandra Stewart was originally drawn to Michael, she had wanted to connect with someone more meaningful. Dylan Curry invited her on his first date in the villa on Day 4 after his arrival.

Alexandra made the decision to continue with him at the subsequent recoupling ceremony, and they were together the entire season.

The couple started dating on day 28 and came in second in the season finale. Alexandra and Dylan regrettably split up in November 2019 despite seemed to be forging an unbreakable bond.

“Alex and I are no longer together,” Dylan said in an explanation of the breakup. Sometimes things simply don’t work out.

She believes that Alexandra’s broken jaw following the performance must have also been a factor because Dylan might have grown weary of caring in the end. She currently presents the “unofficial after the show” podcast called “After The Island.”

Alexandra also participated in the official “Love Island” podcast, where author Matthew Hoffman interviewed her. Dylan, on the other hand, enjoys exploring the world while playing lacrosse for the San Diego Lacrosse Club.

Love Island USA
Love Island USA

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Love Island USA Season 1: Zac and Elizabeth Still Dating?

Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli had a connection from the beginning. They started dating on day 12 and remained together until they were crowned the season 1 winners.

Zac and Elizabeth didn’t even think about picking someone else or fret about the other finding someone new during the recoupling sessions.

After winning the grand prize, the former chose to keep the empty envelope, while his companion chose to split the $100,000 award with him.

Surprisingly, the couple only dated for a short period of time before calling it quits in December 2019, following the show.

In a joint statement following their amicable breakup, Elizabeth stated, “Unfortunately, Zac and I have decided to go our own ways… Life occasionally does not turn out as we would like, even though I had yearned for a different outcome.

The breakup was mutual, and we parted ways on good terms, Zac added. Simply put, we had different needs. The reality star then made an attempt at YouTube, where he posted brief vlogs.

He has served as a model for the upscale apparel company Raffi since 2021. Elizabeth also works closely as a volunteer with the animal rights non-profit I Stand With My Pack and is a co-host of the podcast “After The Island” with Alexandra.

Love Island USA
Love Island USA

Love Island USA Season 1: Episodes

  • The hot summer of love—and drama—is here in full swing! As she welcomes 10 hot single Islanders to their lovely coastal villa, join presenter Arielle Vandenberg.
  • They get together quickly, but when a surprise Islander moves in and is ready to make a splash, someone might go before they get a chance to unpack.
  • Watch Love Island Season 1 Episode 1 on CBS All Access.
  • Caro is left riding alone after Kyra choose Cashel as the man she wants to date. Some of the other pairings begin to second-guess their decisions in the meantime.
  • Watch Love Island, Episode 2, Season 1 on CBS All Access.
  • Dylan and Cormac, two new male Islanders, enter the villa, and although the boys sense competition, Alexandra and Caro see possible mates.
  • Watch Love Island, Episode 3 of Season 1, on CBS All Access.
  • When Dylan and Cormac arrived at the Villa, they attracted a lot of attention, but could they establish a strong enough bond with one of the women to withstand the season’s first official recoupling?
  • Watch Love Island, Episode 4 of Season 1, on CBS All Access.
  • Caro begins to get to know Cormac a little better as Yamen begins to develop a closer relationship with Alana.
  • All the Islanders get together for Weston’s rootin’ tootin’ birthday, but Christen and Katrina, two new female Islanders, unexpectedly steal the show.
  • Watch Love Island Season 1 Episode 5 on CBS All Access.
  • Sadly, some of the female Islanders don’t treat Christen and Katrina very well, but the lads are more than prepared to make up for the unfriendly greeting.
  • Cashel and Yamen begin to question their existing love relationships after spending time with Christen, a 24-year-old sales and business development manager from Los Angeles.
  • Watch Love Island, Episode 6 from Season 1 on CBS All Access.
  • Alana and Mallory enjoy an unromantic night together in the Hideaway suite, as Yamen and Weston snooze next to Christen and Katrina, respectively.
  • Then, after a funny superhero-themed tournament gives all the girls strength, each boy seizes the initiative at a recoupling ceremony that exiles two Islanders.
  • Watch Love Island, Episode 7 from Season 1, on CBS All Access.
  • When Winston, the handsome Kentucky-based pharmaceutical sales representative from Big Brother Season 20, shows up at the Villa seeking love and prepared to give up his single status, the Love Island girls are in for a treat.
  • A few couples also open up about their relationships, and everyone gets their hearts racing with the R-rated challenge “Hearts On Fire.”
  • Weston can’t help but be drawn to Kelsey, a vivacious 25-year-old Delaware marketing manager, while tattoo parlor owner Eric has his sights set on Caro and Kyra.
  • Watch Love Island Season 1 Episode 11 on CBS All Access.
  • Although confidence might be enticing, Eric’s ego continues to divide the Villa; yet, Kyra, who is still unsure of whether she is finished with Cashel, is benefiting from his assurance.
  • Additionally, Zac and Elizabeth FINALLY get some well-deserved time apart from the other Islanders. Unfortunately, Arielle arrives to reveal an unexpected dumping, breaking up their post-date joy.
Love Island USA
Love Island USA

Love Island USA Season 1: Plot

The 22-episode first season of Love Island USA was added to Netflix on December 1, and many viewers have already finished it.

Although the reality series is a recent addition to Netflix, the first season premiered on CBS in 2019. Given that, you might be interested in knowing the candidates’ current locations in 2022. We’ve got you covered as usual!

The American version of the British original series is called Love Island USA. It’s a dating game show in which a group of singles, referred to as islanders, are sequestered in a villa with the intention of finding love and surviving the competition in order to win a $100,000 cash prize.

But it’s more than just a contest. Additionally, the islanders are yearning for love. Finding the right person, however, is difficult because everyone appears to have just stepped off a runway. Yes, everyone is attractive!

The pair that chose one another on the first day of the competition and persevered to the finish of Love Island USA season 1 ultimately won the big prize.

After exiting the program, they didn’t remain together for very long, though. In actuality, none of the top four couples were able to succeed. I know, that’s startling. What are the top four exes from the show doing in 2022, then? This is what we do know.

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