Are They Still Together? Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Career, Net Worth (2023)

Is the couple that was featured on Celebs Go Dating (Bethan and Rudy) still together

In case you were wondering, Bethan and Rudy from Celebs Go Dating are still a couple. On the episode, Bethan and her girlfriend Rudy had an instant connection.

During their journey to Cyprus, the couple shared their very first kiss on the show.


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Bethan and Rudy (Celebs Go Dating): Are They Still Together?

On this season of Celebs Go Dating, Bethan Kershaw and Rudy Newnez have not broken up yet. Following the conclusion of the season, the couple broke the unwritten rule by kissing each other while vacationing in Cyprus.

The reality personality admitted that she had entertained the idea of going even further and lifting the restriction. She went so far as to say that they shared a kiss.

Bethan explained that in order to proceed at her own pace, which could take a few weeks or a few months, she needed some time.

She reasoned that if it did not go according to her plan, then she must have been wrong about them being a good match for one another.

Also, the reality star admitted that she and her boyfriend have physical chemistry, and she admits that she has romantic feelings for her lover despite their difficulties in becoming intimate.

Following their examination of the profile, the couple has published photographs of their vacation on their various social media handles. Despite this, there was no discussion about it between the pair at any point.

Additionally, Rudy included her dog Gunner in the Christmas post in which she wished everyone a happy holiday and thanked them for their kind wishes.

Bethan and Rudy (Celebs Go Dating): Dating Life

On the last episode of the British dating reality series Celebs Go Dating, Bethan ended up falling in love with Rudy. The two individuals first connected during the fourth episode of the dating program, during which they were both trying to find a life partner.

As a consequence of this, after a string of fruitful dates, the couple decided to pursue their attraction to one another. In addition, Bethan and Rudy were seen kissing passionately while embracing on the beach.

Kershaw told her co-star Rudy that she was interested in dating either a man or a woman while filming the show, and then she hugged her fellow cast member. The orange minidress that the television star was wearing looked quite good on her.

Even more stunning was Newnez in the breezy white dress she had on for the summer. During the embrace, the pair walked hand-in-hand along the beach while wrapping their arms around one another and holding each other close.

Previously, Bethan had a passionate kiss with Johnny Mifflebrooks, who was competing on Love Island in the United States.

The pair had a wonderful time on their first date in Mexico, which took place on the beautiful Tulum Beach. Despite this, she has not publicly acknowledged their romantic involvement despite the fact that she has updated her Instagram images from the beachside property.

Before she started dating the reality star, she was in a relationship with Demi Sims, who is from the reality show Towie. Despite this, Demi denied their relationship for a period of ten years while she grappled with her sexuality.


Bethan Kershaw: Who Is She?

Bethan Kershaw is a prominent figure on British reality television and a social media influencer. Because he was a cast member on Geordie Shore, he became more well-known as a result of his participation.

Late in 2019, following a rocky separation with Beau Brennan, she made her departure from the popular program public. Her departure came shortly after the conclusion of their relationship.

As a direct result of her time spent on television, she has amassed more than 750,000 followers on the social media platform Instagram.

Her age, height, and weight are included in the information that can be found on her wiki, as well as her bio and measurements.

Bethan Kershaw: Age

The first of December is the day that Bethan Kershaw, who is now 24 years old and was born in 1994, chooses to honor her birthday.

She has, however, taken great effort to keep her height, ethnicity, and the history of her family a secret from the press.

Bethan, who is still in her early years of adulthood, has already built an age for herself in the entertainment industry despite only being 24 years old.

Because she actually has an hourglass figure, she often posts pictures of herself holding it on her many social media pages. Her stunning appearance and menacing figure complement her alluring temperament and contribute to her overall allure.

In spite of this, Bethan has managed to keep up a healthy physical structure, and the fact that she has blonde hair complements the toned aspect of her body and makes her look absolutely lovely.


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Bethan Kershaw: Height and Weight

What is the length of Bethan Kershaw’s hair? She has a height of about 5 feet 4 inches and a weight of about 58 kilograms.

She has magnificent long black hair that is glossy, as well as stunning, captivating, and piercing black eyes. Her hair is also black.

She is a young woman with a charming and attractive demeanor, and she is wonderfully beautiful. She is tall, slender, and has a lovely hourglass figure that is both sensual and curvy.

Her body proportions are perfect. Her physique is 34 inches tall, 27 inches wide, and 40 inches in circumference.

Throughout the entirety of the event, Bethan caught everyone’s attention, and as a result, everyone wanted to learn more about her because she was so stunning and gorgeous.

She became well-known as a consequence of her relationships to a variety of important figures in the entertainment business.

Kershaw’s rise to fame can be attributed, in part, to the fact that she dated a lot of famous people working in the entertainment industry.

Bethan was thrust into the spotlight after the addition of the new cast members on Geordie Shores. Her appearance on the program aired during the MTV show’s sixteenth season.

Because of her outgoing nature and the fact that she was romantically involved with Beau Brennan, she rose to prominence. Furthermore, Chloe Ferry and Kershaw are close friends with one another.

Chloe Ferry and her lifelong pal Kershaw have a strong relationship. In her spare time, she likes to dance. In addition to that, Bethan is very into working out.

In her images, she makes a point of highlighting her trim and lean physique. In addition to this, Bethan is famous for her role as a party girl at Geordie’s house. Kershaw’s employment history includes time spent at a club in New Castle.

Bethan Kershaw: Personal Life

Bethan and her current boyfriend, who is a tattooed reality television star, are doing well in their relationship. For those of you who can’t wait any longer to find out who the hot guy is, the wait is finally over.

The person that Bethan feels the strongest attraction to is Breau Brennan. Her boyfriend had a reputation for being a wild party animal and took great satisfaction in the fact that he was a dominant man who abhorred commitment.

The fact that Bethan is now a part of his life appears to have caused him to change his mind regarding Bethan’s status as his lover.

Breau is a veteran, and his time in the military instilled in him the importance of preserving his composure and keeping an open mind in all situations.

Bethan and Breau made their relationship status public on Instagram on Valentine’s Day in 2019, which was a big holiday for lovers everywhere.

After a period of seven weeks had elapsed, Bethan finally revealed on Instagram both her partner and the troubled state of their relationship.

Bethan Kershaw and her boyfriend, Breau Brennan, were in Portugal on the 15th of August, 2019, enjoying their vacation together.

But problems can occur in any relationship, and Bethan and Breau’s was no exception; they both had their share of difficult moments.

After a wild night out in Newcastle in January 2019, Bethan was seen crying in the back of a cab as she was being driven home.

It was later discovered that Breau’s emotional breakdown was the result of her engaging in speed dating with the other available men.

The disagreement between them has been addressed, however, now that they spend time together on vacations and make frequent public appearances together.

Bethan has stated in the past that she is bisexual and has expressed interest in both men and women in regard to her sexual orientation.


Bethan Kershaw: Net Worth (2023)

The amount of riches that Bethan possesses is mostly attributable to the career that she has chosen.

There is little doubt that she has a net worth that is at least in the six figures, despite the fact that she has not divulged the specifics of her riches.

It is reasonable to assume that Bethan was paid a respectable sum for her participation in the episodes of Geordie Shore, a reality series shown on MTV.

Bethan Kershaw Trivia

  • Bethan Kershaw was born in England, United Kingdom.
  • Bethan Kershaw’s birth sign is Sagittarius.
  • She has been featured in the tabloid publication Chronicle Live.
  • She’s featured her mother Lynsey on her Instagram account.

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