El pack de fotos de Aleska Genesis en twitter, la modelo venezolana volvio a las camaras

El pack de fotos de Aleska Genesis en twitter
El pack de fotos de Aleska Genesis en twitter

Aleska Génesis, a model from Venezuela, revealed to her fans that she is looking forward to the new 2023 and making sure it is worse than ever. Génesis was the center of the most well-known dispute in the Creole nation in the final months of the year.

Similar to this, she claims in Genesis that she would deal with all of her forthcoming issues in the coming year as she gets stronger and more prepared to battle “Raquel and everyone.”

The aforementioned acknowledgement was made on her official Instagram account, where she posted a picture during Christmas and received thousands of positive comments and over 80,000 likes in support of the new Aleska.

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Wait till 2023 because this woman will be more insane, powerful, and sage. When she wants to break it in 2022 but is unable to, this version is for her, Aleska stated on his Instagram profile.

Due to her issues with her ex-partner Miguel Mawad, who caused her to develop a rash on her scalp, the creole became quite well-known in the latter quarter of 2022. a condition known as alopecia.

This is who I am right now. This started 3 months ago because I decided to completely cut off relationships and communication with the person who hurt me, abused me, and violated me for 5 years and continues to do it today so it’s not right I have no empathy, Mawad’s ex-girlfriend said. “My hair is falling out, my health is suffering, stuff in my head is ruining my self-esteem, (I have alopecia) I can’t sleep, I have insomnia, Pain, Emotional Stress, I’ve


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