The Queen’s death and Ukraine – the biggest stories of 2022

Inflation swells to a dizzying 14.1%

The cost of living crisis had been gnawing at people’s budgets for what felt like an eternity.

But with inflation swelling to 14.1% in November, the pain was especially pronounced as anxiety levels rose with winter fast approaching.

The ways Brits are getting by have been haunting. Eating pet food as they can’t afford groceries, relying on ‘baby banks’ and turning to fundraising websites to survive.

Former health secretary Matt Hancock was also in the news for reasons that would, frankly, be incomprehensible to anyone a decade ago.

But this is the 2020s where nothing makes sense anymore; Hancock joined I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. You know, the one where contestants eat kangaroo penis (Hancock would do just that, by the way).

Though the Tory party gave him the boot for it, Hancock ended up finishing third place in the ITV show.

The FIFA World Cup – yes, there’s even more that happened in November – took place in Qatar, the first time the football tournament took place in the Middle East. But it wasn’t without controversy, with criticism over the gulf nation’s treatment of LGBTQ+ people, women and migrants simmering.

In a rare display of public upheaval, people in China protested in cities up and down the country over, among other things, the stringent, years-long ‘zero Covid’ measures’. The policies would be softened the following month.

COP27, a major UN climate conference, ended with a historical move to provide financial support to nations most vulnerable to the brutal impact of climate change.

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