What Does The New Year Have In Store For You?


Jupiter in your sign until mid-May is a cosmic indicator of success – especially for changes of direction or overseas ventures. Don’t be too confident, though, or you could be in trouble around the time your reckless ruler Mars challenges the autocratic Pluto in late spring and early fall. Something that happens between the two August full moons will make you realize that it’s not worth risking a long-term relationship for a few days of summer madness.


With two of the four eclipses of 2023 falling into your sign in April and October – and Jupiter, planet of good fortune, beginning a 12-month Taurus transit in May – there’s very little you can’t accomplish this year with the necessary vision, determination and focus. Be prepared for some family or domestic turmoil in late June, when ambitious Mars and disruptive Uranus collide. Sometimes it is better to cut your losses than to risk unraveling your roots.


After an energetic seven-month stay in Gemini, Mars leaves your sign at the end of March, heralding a less hectic phase. It will allow you to steer your life down a much less bumpy path and reconnect with the people who form your foundation. A romantic relationship around the solar eclipse in mid-October will reach a turning point at the end of the month. Watch what you say and do – emotions will run high in those around you.


With transformative Pluto focusing on your passions and finances for the foreseeable future, and expansive Jupiter highlighting your dreams and desires, this is a year to follow both your heart and your head. Where they lead depends as much on your instincts as your sense of direction, as will become apparent in mid-May when dynamic Mars and intuitive Neptune join forces. Sometimes real change can only be found far beyond existing boundaries.

Your stars for 2023: what does the new year have in store for you?  Find out with Sally Brompton's great prediction

Your stars for 2023: what does the new year have in store for you? Find out with Sally Brompton’s great prediction


Your personal or professional profile will undergo a metamorphosis in 2023 and you will end the year in a completely different role. Vigorous cosmic activity in the success angle of your horoscope suggests a change of emphasis, position, or even career. An opportunity that comes around the time of the solar eclipse in April will peak in late October — by which time you’ll be well on your way to showing the world what you can do. It can be very different from anything you’ve done before.


Your life will change dramatically in the coming weeks, as will some of your most deeply held principles and beliefs. The change of sign of Jupiter gives you the chance to pursue a very different kind of success – with very different rewards. Something that started around the time of the particularly dynamic solar eclipse in April will come to fruition in late October – and it will confirm how little you previously understood about the true meaning of life.


With illuminating Jupiter highlighting shared finances from mid-May, as well as your more passionate side, you’ll need to keep your wits about you – especially in August, when reckless Mars gets in the act. The sign change of Saturn in March will free you from romantic inhibitions, but you may find that a domestic matter is more testing. You’ll find things come back into balance when Jupiter and Saturn unite in June, and around the Libran Eclipse in October.


Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better, as is the case in a family or domestic situation. The sign change of your complex but transforming ruler Pluto this March will work in your favor in the long run, and you will work more as a team from then on. Meanwhile, with the 2023 Eclipses focusing on your closest relationships, an ongoing connection will become increasingly passionate, while a new one will prove unsustainable.


In the course of 2023, the emphasis will be on your work and your health. A change of circumstances, personal or professional, is imminent. With your lucky ruler Jupiter at the helm, a promotion or a raise is a good possibility. Just make sure you don’t overdo it and exhaust yourself mentally or physically. Between the April and October Eclipses, your life will take a detour and wherever you end up, you need to embrace it. After all, change is good – life depends on it.


Despite the economic and global pressures, this is a year to enjoy. With cosmic forces urging you to focus on socialising, romance or creating something great, you are in a wonderful position to bring happiness to others as well as yourself. However, the disruptive impact of Mars on your finances at the end of May – and on a project abroad or even a friendship at the end of July – could spell trouble. Nothing serious or long lasting, but you do well to be prepared.


As restrictive Saturn moves out of your sign in March and powerful Pluto moves in, your mood will change and what seemed impossible a few weeks ago becomes plausible. You will be particularly determined to solve a domestic or professional problem that threatens to engulf the lives of everyone involved. Crunch time comes between the spring eclipses and by October you’ll be singing from a different – and considerably more radical – song sheet.


Suddenly your world is full of openings and opportunities – but given all the other distractions and demands on your time in the coming weeks, it will take determination, concentration and perseverance to identify, pursue and achieve them. Fortunately, a stunning union linking self-confident Jupiter and self-disciplined Saturn in mid-June will work in your favor and you should be on a roll by summer’s end. Just make sure you roll uphill and not downhill!


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