Who Stole the Bonds? Ending Explained! Plot, Episodes and More

The drama series ‘Kaleidoscope,’ available on Netflix, tells the story of a guy named Ray Vernon, who, in order to steal billions of dollars’ worth of undeclared bearer bonds, assembles a team of highly skilled individuals

Even if the stakes are just as high as the reward for the robbery, Ray is prepared to carry it out even if it’s the last thing he does in his life.

We soon learn that he takes things on a much more personal level, and that it’s not just about the money for him at all.

At the conclusion, the weather calms down, and the lies, secrets, and betrayals of the people in whom Ray placed the most trust emerge into the open.

The following is an explanation of what the conclusion entails for him and for the other people who participated in the heist.


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Kaleidoscope: Plot

The story of Ray Vernon becomes the primary focus of “Kaleidoscope,” which follows a non-linear progression across time. When they were younger, he was good friends with a man who is now called Roger Salas.

They had pulled off a number of robberies together, but during one of those jobs, Ray had a significant loss in his personal life while Roger slipped away and began a life for himself that Ray had always wished for him.

Years later, Ray will get the opportunity to exact his revenge when he learns that Roger has established a security company that holds billions of dollars in bearer bonds. Ray has devised a scheme to take them in order to damage Roger’s life and get his revenge.

For such a plan to be executed successfully, it is necessary to work with individuals who are not only exceptionally skilled in their respective fields, but also reliable in Ray’s eyes. He begins with Stan, who had been Ray’s cellmate in jail while Ray was serving his sentence.

Stan has the ability to get everything he desires, including the services of a chemist named Judy. Stan and Judy have a past together, which makes everything a little more problematic when one considers the fact that Judy is now married to a man named Bob who is known for his fiery temper.

In addition to that, there is Ava Mercer, who is Ray’s attorney and is skilled at maintaining order and taking care of everything from the finances to the safety of the situation.

It just so happens that at the precise moment when it seems like Ray has his dream team and a foolproof plan, FBI agent Nazan Abassi begins digging into them, which throws a wrench in their preparations.


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Kaleidoscope: Who Stole the Bonds?

When it comes to the heist, the bonds are the most important factor. They are the sole inspiration for the entire group to undertake a perilous endeavor that has the ability to destroy their lives and may even result in their deaths.

In spite of this, it appears that nobody knows where the bonds are now that the robbery has been completed. Not even Ray. Even now, many months after the robbery, those who made it out alive have no idea what became of the stolen money.

When they opened the boxes, there were blank sheets of paper hidden under a cover cloth to trick them into thinking that everything had been loaded onto the truck as it was intended to be. This raises the question of where the bonds have gone to be found.

The conclusion of the series, in which the robbery really takes place, is where we get the answer. Hannah, Ray’s daughter, served as his “inside man” on the job, and she was the one who was responsible for formulating the entire plot.

He only needed her to relay the information to the others and leave some items inside SLS for him so that he could perform his duties more quickly and easily during the theft.

On the other hand, he was adamant that Hannah not be present at the time of the robbery. He never wanted her to be associated with it since he knew it may put not only her professional reputation at risk but also her life itself. Hannah, on the other hand, did not share her father’s viewpoint.

Hannah is working hard to devise a strategy that will allow her to steal the bonds from her father and his crew while Ray is preoccupied with formulating a plan for extracting the bonds from the vault. In addition to that, she thinks of a cunning strategy.

The same building that houses SLS’s corporate headquarters is also the location from which FedEx operates its package distribution center.

Hannah is able to secure a position there for her adoptive sister, Liz. In accordance with the strategy that Ray devised, after the bonds have been removed from the safe, Judy will transport them to RJ via the elevator.

Hannah is needed because the boxes would be left unattended inside the elevator, which is where she comes in.

Between the SLS office and the floor where RJ will be waiting to pick it up is where the FedEx facility is located.

Hannah is able to halt the elevator at FedEx without anyone noticing because to the method she devised. At this point, she removes the boxes from storage and exchanges them for other containers that contain blank sheets of paper.

She always places a couple of bonds on the top of each box, just in case anybody opens the lid and looks inside. Because she is aware that no one has the time to verify all of the bonds, she is confident that she will be able to get away with it without anyone noticing.

Obtaining that position for Liz was also a component of her plan. She is successful in keeping her father from gaining access to almost all of the bonds by using this strategy.


Kaleidoscope: Why Did Hannah Betray Ray?

When you consider that Hannah is the person in the whole group who is closest to Ray, it is puzzling as to why she would go to such great measures to foil the scheme that her father had devised. Why would Hannah betray Ray? It ended up being for his own good that this happened.

When Ray hatched his scheme to steal the bonds, he did so with the intention of exacting his vengeance on Roger.

He was oblivious to the fact that he would be stealing from some of the most influential individuals in the world, the kind of people who would never give up seeking for him, and who, once they did find him, would not be very forgiving of his transgressions.

Hannah had the sincere desire to help her father change, but over the course of seven years, he showed no sign of being willing to do so. Therefore, she had to employ a different strategy.

Hannah committed the theft with the intention of returning the bonds to the individuals who were rightfully entitled to them. She was aware that they were attempting to “clean” those bonds because of the fact that they had not been declared and, as a result, were considered to be “black money.”

Previously, Thiele had gone to Roger in an effort to find a solution, but Hannah presented them with a solution of her own devising. She informed them about the robbery that had taken place.

Because the bonds had been stolen, not only were they able to obtain the insurance on those bonds, but also they were able to fully avoid the legalities that surrounded those bonds.

They wouldn’t have to provide an explanation for something that they didn’t have, which simplified the process of selling those bonds and converting them into pristine currency for them.

Kaleidoscope: Ending Explained

She also informs them about the few bonds that they would lose, but the money that they would receive from the insurance policy would easily cover those losses.

Her clients are in a position to come out ahead with this strategy that she has devised. This not only has positive repercussions for them, but it also elevates Hannah to the role of a valuable asset for them, which protects her in the process.

This is a clever decision on her side for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it will protect her professional standing.

When the SLS gets robbed, Roger is going to get killed for sure. It would have been professional suicide for Hannah as well if she hadn’t betrayed Ray in order to assist the customers.

Who in their right mind would want to hire someone whose advancement was quickly followed by a theft? The fact that she now has a job as a money launderer for the three most powerful persons in the world, however, ensures that she will always have a source of income and hence protects her financial stability.

Hannah didn’t want Ray to have to live in fear for the rest of his life because she was aware that this is what would happen if the customers didn’t know what happened to their bonds.

This action on her side was a desperate attempt to keep her father alive, despite the fact that it wouldn’t make much of a difference. By doing this, she also helped him understand that they were no longer connected in any way.

She was not going to waste another minute on attempting to change him because many years ago, he attempted to alter her and failed, and as a result, Lily lost her life.

Because Hannah has decided that she would not repeat the same mistakes, she has chosen to deceive her father in order to demonstrate that she is capable of being more than a piece in her father’s game.


Kaleidoscope: Episodes

  • Episode 1: “Yellow: 6 Weeks Before The Heist”, written by Eric Garcia, directed by José Padilha.
  • Episode 2: “Green: 7 Years Before the Heist”, written by Eric Garcia, directed by José Padilha.
  • Episode 3: “Blue: 5 Days Before the Heist”, written by Eric Garcia.
  • Episode 4: “Violet: 24 Years Before the Heist”, written by Garrett Lerner.
  • Episode 5: “Orange: 3 Weeks Before the Heist”, written by Kate Barnow.
  • Episode 6: “Red: The Morning After the Heist”, written by Kalen Egan.
  • Episode 7: “Pink: 6 Months After”, written by Ning Zhou.
  • Episode 8: “White: The Heist”, written by Evan Endicott & Josh Stoddard.

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